Germany Vs. UK BREXIT

Major EU actors warn about the consequences of the possible British exit from the Union, as the referendum to be held on June 23 is closer

By: Juventud Rebelde


2016-06-11 | 17:01:33 EST

BERLIN.—  The leading German magazine Der Spiegel is devoting its new edition , with articles in English and German,  to the campaign in favor of the  UK stay  in the European Union (EU) on the occasion of  the referendum to be held on June 23 in Germany , DPA reported.

 The magazine, under the heading «Please don’t go! Why Germany needs the British? » analyzes the consequences for the continent of the exit of the United Kingdom, its leaders reported last Friday for this Saturday’s new edition.

 «For the first time, a member of the European Union will vote on whether to leave the European club, in an incomparable political act. The consequences could be disastrous, and it could turn the matter worse. This event  would take place amid the worst European crisis in decades, » the Chief Editor for Der Spiegel,Klaus Brinkb Umer explained.

 «Fellow team members from several departments have worked in the new edition to bring together many reasons why we cannot continue without the British. The result is an objective, but also clear, emotional and bilingual appeal to UK: Please do not go, » he added.

For the magazine, Europe without UK would be poorer, smaller, more insecure, and Europe will lost an actor on the world stage.

 At the same time, according to AFP, the German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble warned that UK will remain outside the European unique market if UK decides to leave the Union.

«Inside is inside, outside means outside, » Schäuble asserted to the Der Spiegel weekly magazine. If you win the Yes to Brexit, the United Kingdom «shall obey  the rules of the club UK wants to leave away, » he added, rejecting the possibility that the country can benefit from the same status as Norway and Switzerland, which are not EU members but have access to European area of free movement of goods and people.

 The German minister, a convinced defender of Europe, fears that the Brexit can cause similar movements in other countries. «It cannot exclude. How would the Netherlands react, for example,  which has been traditionally very attached to UK? » He asked.

 If the Brexit comes true, the EU «cannot respond by just proposing more integration» for the remaining members. «It would be a blunder, many people would be entitled to wonder if politicians have understood something, » Schäuble noted,. For him, even a tight for staying in the EU result would be taken «as a warning and an alarm signal. »

 However, the German minister assured that Europe could keep running «if necessary, without UK, » and he added that his «colleagues in the Euro Zone and I are getting prepared for all possible scenes. »

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