Cuban Achievements Shown in International Meeting of Young Workers

The participants in the event, among them a Cuban delegation headed by the First Secretary of the UJC denounce the attacks against Venezuela, including by the OAS

By: Yuniel Labacena Romero


2016-06-11 | 15:52:59 EST
Photo: Roberto SuárezZoom

The concern of the Cuban revolutionary State to guarantee employment and development opportunities for young people, as well as the achievements and challenges in their performance, were shown at the International Meeting of Young Workers, which is meeting until Wednesday in Caracas, Venezuela .


Yuniasky Crespo Baquero, first secretary of the UJC, who heads the Cuban delegation to the meeting, communicated via the Internet that there are representatives from 20 countries, including Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, the United States, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Mexico, France, Peru, Puerto Rico and El Salvador.


He rated the meeting, which is meeting in the Canaima Industries complex, as essential for dialogue and exchange, adding that Cuba discussed issues related to the protection, security guarantees and receiving the newcomers when inserted into the working world, as well as the attention which the youth organization gives for their development.


The youth leader said that employment in our country is considered not only as a way to meet the material needs of every individual, but is conceived as a means of social inclusion of young people and participation in the construction of a socialist society.


Baquero Crespo said the Venezuelan leaders present at the meeting were called on to defend the truth of the Bolivarian Revolution, which is again the subject of imperial aggression. Participants in the event rejected the onslaught, especially the request now by the Organization of American States to implement the Inter-American Charter against that country.


Along with this International Meeting, which includes panel discussions to address the Youth Law and Integral Policy driven by Venezuela, the Cuban delegation will exchange on Wednesday with colleagues in the states of Miranda, Guarico and Aragua, and pay tribute to Hugo Chavez.


Translated by ESTI

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