A New Affront to Constitutionality

A great number of the signings collected by the MUD are fraudulent, CNE assures

By: Juventud Rebelde

Email: digital@juventudrebelde.cu

2016-06-11 | 16:23:16 EST
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CARACAS.— The group of signatures that the opposition collected among the Venezuelan people, which  supposedly endorse a request for a revocatory  refererendo against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, represent an attack on the constitutionality of Venezuela, as  it has been denounced by the Coordinator for the Committee  of Signature Verification  Jorge Rodriguez.


The statements by the Bolivarian leader were pronounced  after  the Rector of the National Electoral Council (CNE) Tibisay Lucena declared  that  the signatures submitted by the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD) are a real fraud.


According to Lucena, 1 957 779 records were delivered, from which 605,727 (30.9 percent) showed irregularities, including more than 10 000 signatures of deceased citizens, other 9 333 numbers of nonexistent identity card, more than 3 000 certificates of minors and 1335 of prisoners, AVN reported.


«Fraud is also against them, is against the Republic, is against the great majority of the Venezuelan people, is against the President and the Constitution, »Rodríguez said  when he made reference to  those people who are identified  with the opposition and the rest of the population who has chosen to live in the democratic system supported by the Venezuelan State.


Rodríguez highlighted that all articles of the Constitution are mainstreamed by «the participatory and protagonist nature of the Venezuelan democracy, »so any failure to these principles is an injury against the Constitution.


In addition, he drew attention to the repeated offenses issued by the President of the National Assembly Henry Ramos against the Venezuelan institutions and people in the national government, so Ramos must  answer before the law for those offenses,  Rodríguez noted.


The President of the electoral authority reported that the process continues, and now, after further refined irregularities, 1,352,053 signatures  will be verifyied from next Monday 13 onward until July 26, Telesur explained.


Last April 26, the CNE in Venezuela announced the delivery of the forms for the collection of signatures to promote the activation of the presidential revocatory referendum.

The Venezuelan opposition then began the process of collecting signatures, which is just the beginning of long legal process that requires activation recall that the right leaders intend to carry out this year.


In the meantime, the Secretary General for the Union of South American Nations (Unasur), Ernesto Samper, called for dialogue as the most important way to achieve peace and political and economic stability in Venezuela.

We believe it is the best solution to the political difficulties that the Bolivarian nation is facing up at present, aa well as the search for a formula of coexistence among the  different political forces that are now in the broad spectrum of the nation, he said.

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