Eusebio, the Honour of Saving the Heritage

The Historian of Havana received the Medal of Knight Grade of the Order of Leopold of Belgium. The traveling exhibition Natures of Art Nouveau inaugurated

By: Marylín Luis Grillo


2016-06-02 | 17:46:53 EST
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Our Eusebio Leal received the Medal of the Degree of Knight of the Order of Leopold granted by this European kingdom, from the hands of the chancellor of Belgium, Didier Reynders. This has become another example of the importance of the work of the famous historian in the cultural and humanistic reconstruction of the Cuban capital.
"I think at least to put it, to merit such a distinguished Order, amid a host of partners and collaborators of great merit, many of whom are no longer with us, a grain of sand and a little feeling to save this part of the heritage of the world, "said the historian.
Dr. Eusebio Leal, said the Belgian head of Foreign and European Affairs, has been a visionary with his renovation project, which has converted the historic centre of Havana into a world heritage site and a source of inspiration for tourists coming from all over the world.
The Order of Leopold is the most important civil and military decoration that Belgium delivers to personalities of exceptional merit. "Through this act, the nation is honoured to recognize the long history of cooperation and friendship that we share with the Office of the Historian and, especially, with its director and guide, Dr. Eusebio Leal," continued Reynders.
For his part, Leal reiterated the shared conviction that "in the field of culture and education, exchanges of Medical Sciences, looking at all that unites us culturally as a nation of our stock, we can find splendid ways."
Regarding the appointment of Havana as a city Maravilla, Eusebio rejected the idea that the city is fashionable, "Havana is there and everyone who comes to it feels seduced by its beauty, for its importance, for all that has occurred throughout its history, which is something. And being a Marvel did not surprise me because I knew it, "he concluded.
After the presentation of the Medal, the Natures of Art Nouveau exhibition, an artistic show the result of the European cultural collaboration project Network of Art Nouveau, in which Havana participates, along with 20 other European cities, represented by the Office of the Historian.
As the representative of the Network in Cuba, Orlando Inclán, explained the Cuban capital is invited as an exceptional case by the strong presence here of Art Nouveau and Catalan Modernism.
Natures ... is a traveling exhibition that has been in major cities like Brussels and Barcelona, and in August last year was exhibited in Cuba. Now it returns to Havana at Eusebio Leal’s request and with the support of the Belgian Embassy, this time for two years.
Translated by ESTI

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