U.S and Japan Reinforce Asia-Pacific Military Alliance

The Chancellors of both countries express concern for the tensions in the inter-Korean region, so they have reinforced their collaboration in the area

By: Juventud Rebelde

Email: digital@juventudrebelde.cu

2016-04-13 | 16:43:09 EST

TOKIO.— The U.S Secretary of State John Kerry and the Japanese Minister for Foreign Relations Fumio Kishida agreed last Monday to reinforce the military alliance in the Asia-Pacific region, said the Japanese Chancery spokesman Yasuhisa Kawamura. They coincided on the need for keeping a tight collaboration in the area that they consider in a serious situation because of the inter-Korean tensions, said the mentioned source, according to PL.

In addition, they both made the commitment to work for a rapid application of the Agreement of the Trans-Pacific Association (TPP) that involves 12 countries from the Pacific area. Kerry and Kishida held a meeting in Hiroshima, after the meeting that gathered together the chancellors of the G-7. They both have the aspiration that the most development capitalist countries approve the Hiroshima Statement, through punctual and concrete actions for boosting nuclear disarmament, Kawamura noted.

Another issue treated in the meeting, was the controversial re-location of the U.S military base in Okinawa which is rejected by the population of that prefecture. John Kerry and Fumio Kishida visited the museum and the Peace Park in Hiroshima, and they placed a wreath at the cenotaph that has the names of the 250,000 victims left by the atomic bombing carried out by the United States on August 6, 1945.

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