Opposition Wins Special Commission Vote for Impeachment of Dilma Rouseff

The decision to impeach the Brazilian President will be sent to the Chamber of Deputies

By: Juventud Rebelde

Email: digital@juventudrebelde.cu

2016-04-13 | 17:02:16 EST
BRASILIA.- Brazil´s opposition won by 38 votes to 27 over the governing party in the Special Commission about the impeachment is to send its decision to the Chamber of Deputies recommending the hearing against President Dilma Rouseff.

In a climate of tension, the Chair of the Special Commission Rogerio Rosso announced there were 38 votes in favor and 27 against the political trial of Brazil´s Head of State. The opposition congressmen celebrated as soon as the result was disclosed, ANSA reported.

Pressure is evident, since groups for impeachment like “Come out on the streets” initiated a campaign against congressmen who support the government, whose telephones and addresses have been divulged.  

Head of the Government bloc José Guimaraes affirmed that his rejection of the impeachment is meant to prevent the putsch schemed by Vice-president of the Republic, Michel Temer, to succeed Rouseff.

Advocate General of the Republic José Eduardo Cardozo and relator of the process in the parliamentarian commission, deputy Jovair Arantes summarized the arguments used later by the legislator, DPA reported.

Cardozo said that the opening of a political trial against Rouseff will be remembered as the “April 2016 coup”, since, as he said, the president did not commit any crime.

“History will not forgive (Rouseff´s suspension) based upon a report (by Arantes) which is not backed”, said Cardozo. “Impeachment is what is sought, it doesn’t matter if the Constitution is torn up or democracy is violated”, DPA quoted.

He added that the allegations attributed to the leader, like violation of the Tax Liability Law by delaying the payment to public banks of resources destined for beneficiaries of social programs, as well as opening credit lines by decree without Congress support; are actions implemented by other Governments whose accountabilities were passed by the Court of Auditors.

Cardozo stressed that the process initiated last December is a revenge of the chair of Deputies Eduardo Cunha, who accepted it a few hours after the governing Workers´ Party voted for the opening of a challenging process on her presidential term, which is processed in the Ethical Committee of the Lower House, DPA said.

The decision to put the President on trial will be sent to the Chamber of Deputies which could start to deal with the issue next Friday, added ANSA.

If the Chamber of Deputies validates the decision in the next few days by two thirds at least (342 votes out of 513 deputies), and then it is confirmed by the Senate, Rouseff would be removed from office for up to six months while the upper house decides her fate, AFP reported.

The putsch was initiated on December 2, 2015 when President of the Chamber of Deputies Eduardo Cunha accepted a request for impeachment against Dilma Rouseff due to an alleged manipulation of public accounts.

Professed enemy of the Government, the powerful legislator Cunha was accused of being on the take in the Petrobras scandal, and Michel Temer is also facing impeachment charges for the same reason.

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