Terrorist Attack in Pakistan Causes 72 deaths

Local authorities said that in the moment of the explosion the place was full of women with their children due to the Easter holiday 

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2016-03-29 | 17:23:15 EST
Terrorist Attack in Pakistan Causes 72 deaths Terrorist Attack in Pakistan Causes 72 deaths Photo: AFPZoom
Islamabad. - (Prensa Latina) Last Monday, Pakistan woke up shocked by a suicide attack in a public park last night. The attack which took place in the city of Lahore, killed at least 72 people and left around 330 wounded, most of them women and children PL reported.

The spokesman for the Government of the Punjab province, Zaeem Qadri told the press that 29 of the 72 dead were children.

He explained that so far 54 victims have been identified with the help of family, but made it clear that it would be impossible to identify all the victims due to the condition of many of the bodies.

The Deputy Inspector General of Police Haider Ashraf said that a man detonated the bombs attached to his body in the parking lot of the Gulshan-i-Iqbal Park, a few meters away from several children's swings.

The flames were so high that they were higher than the trees nearby, I saw bodies flying in the air, Hasam Imran, a young man who was walking around the area told Samaa TV network.

Responsibility for the attack was claimed by Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan, an armed group that has been behind many of the deadliest attacks in the recent history of this Asian nation.

Security forces identified the terrorist as Muhammad Yousaf Farid, 28, a resident in the district of Muzaffargarh, in Punjab. Meanwhile, fifteen people, three of them brothers, were arrested as part of the investigations.

Authorities pointed out that at the time of the detonation the park was full of women with their children due to the Easter holiday.

The injured were taken to hospitals in the city in taxis and cars because there were not enough ambulances due to the large number of people injured.

The media reported that hundreds of people began donating blood in medical centres in the city, a state of emergency was declared.

We went to the park to enjoy the weather, said Nasreen Bibi in tears, whose two year-old daughter was hospitalized with wounds. What kind of person attacks small children in a park? she asked.
This is a barbaric act, said Minister of Justice in Punjab Rana Sanaullah when denouncing the attack.

President Mamnoon Hussain, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, as well as several members of his cabinet, provincial governments and opposition leaders condemned the attack.  

After this terrorist action, Sharif led a four hour-meeting to follow up on the situation and monitor the dragged out operation against the perpetrators of the attack.

The head of the Pakistani government received a phone call from his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi, condemning the killings.

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