Shooting at the U.S Capitol Visitor Center

The possession of arms in the United States still leads to events like this, which has taken place in a very important date in this country: Easter celebrations

By: Juventud Rebelde


2016-03-29 | 17:16:55 EST
U.S Capitol Visitor Center U.S Capitol Visitor Center Photo: APZoom
WASHINGTON. — The White House and Congress were cordoned after the reports of gunfire in Capitol Visitor Center, a journalist from DPA said.

Notimex reported that scenes of panic and there were conflicting versions of what took place last Monday in the U.S. capital because of a shooting in Washington, amid the celebrations of Easter, one of the busiest days in this city.

Cell phone images filmed by tourists visiting the Congress, show people running through the halls of the building, and the shouts of the crowd. 

The incident, occurred in the Capitol Visitor Center, venue of the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, which was full of tourists but no legislators, since they are on spring break, Notimex said.

Although initially a policeman was reported wounded, a new version noted that a tourist was the wounded person, and that the attacker, later identified by television networks CNN, ABC and NBC as Larry Russell Dawson, was wounded by police and transported to a nearby hospital.

Separately, the White House was closed temporarily shortly after President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle led the traditional ceremony of Easter eggs, before thousands of guests at the executive residence.

The presidential mansion was reopened later, but the Capitol remained closed to the public in the midst of an intense mobilization of patrols.

According to The Daily Beast, the 66-year-old native of Antioch, Tennessee, had been arrested in October 2015, when, from the balcony of the House of Representatives he broke up a meeting of legislators shouting: «I am a prophet of God. » On that occasion, he was charged with disorderly conduct and assault on a police officer.

The chief of the Capitol Police Matthew Verderosa told the press last Monday that the suspect «pulled out what appeared to be a gun and pointed it at the officers, » during routine inspection at the Visitor Center.

An officer shot and wounded the suspect, who was later operated in the hospital; his condition was unknown.

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