Lula Calls for Unity to Face the Political Crisis

The former president spoke to his followers about the charges against him, which focus on the alleged crimes of concealment of assets, money laundering and illicit enrichment, and denied each again and again

By: Juventud Rebelde


2016-03-10 | 16:51:23 EST

Brasilia, March 9. The former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva called for unity of the national parliamentarians to face the severe political crisis facing the country and claimed to be a victim of political persecution by the Right which seeks to implicate him in the Petrobras corruption plot.

Lula met on Wednesday with a large group of parliamentarians, including Senate President Renan Calheiros and legislators of the Workers Party (PT), to which belong Lula and President Dilma Rousseff, and the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party (PMDB), the main force of the ruling coalition, among others.

In the meeting, reports Dpa, the former president made them aware of the charges against him, which focus on the alleged crimes of concealment of assets, money laundering and illicit enrichment, and denied each again and again.

 Lula called the police operation of which he was a victim last Friday "illegal", when he was taken from his home to a police station to make a statement and included raids on his home and those of some of his relatives and friends.

Senator Hélio José da Silva, who also participated in the meeting, reported EFE, that Lula was "outraged" and refused to accept any portfolio of the Government to guarantee immunity from prosecution.

He pointed at the suggestion the parliamentarian- Lula said he would "never accept" and said that it was "informal comments" that had not even been treated with President Rousseff, as the press and the sectors adverse to the Brazilian government speculated loudly.

At the meeting Lula also urged the ruling parties base on maintaining unity, facing the next reboot of the procedure for impeachment against Rousseff.

The biggest concern of the Government lies in dissident wings that exist in the PMDB, led by Vice President Michel Temer and who held on Saturday a national convention to elect its new authorities and analyse the political situation.

The PMDB dissidents announced they intend to demand that the party leave the government or assume an independent position and release their parliamentarians before the next resumption of the procedure for impeachment against Rousseff, which the ruling sectors oppose.

Meanwhile, signs of solidarity with Lula around the world are growing. Wednesday several Argentine political and social organizations of the Front for Victory party (FPV), repudiated the unjustified detention of the Brazilian ex-president.

In a statement released by the current National Liberation (Kolina), the signatories expressed their concern "at the institutional violence that media and judicial bodies are deploying against the democratic government of the Brazilian PT".

The operation last March 4, of an unusual scale for the deployment of police forces, is an alarming precedent in making the functioning of democratic and republican institutions in our region, says the text cited by PL.

Nothing that is happening in Latin America and the Caribbean is alien to the imperial policy of the United States, said academic Aldo Diaz-Lacayo, a member of the Nicaragua Chapter of the Network of Intellectuals in Defence of Humanity.

The historian and former diplomat demanded respect for Lula da Silva and acknowledged the rebound in US aggression in the region, which is compounded by the triumph of the Right in presidential elections in Argentina and parliamentary Venezuela, as well as the option of ‘No’ in the referendum recently held in Bolivia.

In the same position the French Communist Party (PCF) is said to express solidarity with Lula and all political and social left in the South American country. The situation, it adds, results in an unworthy and illegal act of intimidation and firmly condemned and stressed the media manoeuvre orchestrated by the Right only seeks to destroy the Brazilian government.

Translated by ESTI


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