Cuba-U.S Talks on People Trafficking and Immigration Fraud

Meeting between Cuban and U.S experts made an analysis of the ways for increasing the bilateral cooperation already established in this area

By: Juventud Rebelde


2016-02-05 | 14:59:08 EST
The meeting for facing up to the illicit people trade and immigration fraud between Cuban and U.S experts,   was held last Thursday, February 4 in Miami, Florida, aimed at exchanging criteria on the ways to increase the bilateral cooperation already established in this area.

The meeting took place in a respectful and professional atmosphere, reported the CubaMinrex webpage.

The Cuban delegation was presided over by the Chief of the Division of Identification, Immigration and Foreign Services of the Ministry of Interior Coronel Mario Méndez Mayedo, and made up by representatives of that institution and from the Ministry of Foreign Relations. And the U. S delegation was presided over by representatives of U. S Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency and the Citizenship and Immigration Services of the Homeland Security Department. Other representatives from that authority and from the State and Justice Departments were also present.

The delegations from both countries agreed in the importance of moving forward in the cooperation to face up this scourge and the need of signing bilateral instruments to make the exchanges in the area official, with the aim of neutralizing the actions of the people traffickers in a more effective way. Both parties also agreed to continue carrying on these technical meetings in the future, alternating the venues, CubaMinrex added.

Translated by ESTI

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