FARC-EP Reaffirm that Plan Colombia was a Failure

Statement by the guerrilla over that policy, almost 15 years after its implementation

By: Yailé Balloqui Bonzón

Email: digital@juventudrebelde.cu

2016-02-04 | 20:16:23 EST
Fifteen years after the implementation of Plan Colombia, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People´s Army (FARC-EP) reiterated the failure of that policy masterminded by the United States for the South American country, under the pretext of fighting against drug trafficking.

Insurgent Pastor Alape said that Washington should contribute to peace financing after the American strategy caused a national tragedy.

Parading as a drug-trafficking maneuver, the offensive –in which the United States invested 10 billion dollars in fifteen years- was in fact a trick to annihilate FARC-EP under the guise of presumed ties of the insurgency with drug-trafficking, he said.

The guerrilla´s spokesman said that the bilateral agreement, signed up by the Governments of Andrés Pastrana and William Clinton, only resulted in a greater number of victims, increasing the displaced to seven millions, causing a high number of extrajudicial executions by the military –the so called false- positives- and inciting war and hate in the whole nation.

“A country involved in Colombia´s conflict, should also get involved in the promotion of a new stage with resources for peace, for reconciliation and prosperity”, he stressed.

According to the Colombian press, this February 4th, the date on which the Plan Colombia was established 15 years ago, is expecting a meeting between the US President Barack Obama and his counterpart Juan Manuel Santos to discuss the peace talks held in Havana, whose definitive end of hostilities is scheduled for next March 23rd.

This Thursday, Obama will ask the Congress for a new allocation to help the South American country in the post conflict for 2017. The allocation for the current year is 310 million dollars.

From the US capital, Santos showed his optimism by seeing the end of the peace process on schedule, although he didn´t rule out a postponement. Both sides are committed and motivated for signing on that very date.”

In response to a report by the US Human Rights Watch, which labels the peace agreement in Colombia as “bag of impunity”, the leader excluded the possibility that those guilty of crimes against humanity during the conflict go unpunished after the peace agreement, which will meet the international standards of justice, as featured in the Colombian press.

Those guilty of human right violations, from any side, will pass through the judicial system to be judged, condemned and sanctioned, he said.

Translated by ESTI

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