Central America to Assess First Transfer of Cuban Migrants

Depending on the outcome, dates for new shipments could be set



2016-01-20 | 18:08:13 EST
GUATEMALA, Jan 19.- The Central American Migration directors will meet on Wednesday in Guatemala to assess the outcome of the operation that led to the exit from Costa Rica of a first group of 180 Cubans, out of the more than 7,000 who remain in that country in transit to the US, said the spokesman for the General Directorate of Migration of Guatemala, Fernando Lucero, EFE reported.

Depending on the assessment, dates could be set for new shipments of Cuban migrants, said the official, adding that the meeting would be held behind closed doors at the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the participation of those responsible for Migration in Central American countries, without identifying them.

He added that the attendance at the meeting of officials of other foreign ministries of the region and Mexico is not ruled out.

Central American immigration authorities will evaluate the journey of a group of 180 Cubans, which January 12 set out from Costa Rica by air to El Salvador, where they continued to Mexico by land.

The first transfer, organized by the International Organization for Migration, was described by Salvadoran Foreign Minister Hugo Martinez as successful and did not rule out similar operations to make new transfers, said EFE.

Meanwhile, AFP quoted a statement from the Costa Rican Foreign Ministry, which states that the first trip allowed "the Cuban migrants to leave in an orderly, controlled and safe manner."

Several of the Cuban group of 180, who are already in the United States, travelled to the city of Miami, in Florida, where they were received late Sunday night in a ceremony which was attended by the mayors of Miami, Tomas Regalado, and Hialeah, Carlos Hernandez, both of Cuban origin. And, analysts confirmed the insistence on politicizing the migration from the island beyond the economic reasons that animate them, Prensa Latina said.

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