Cuba and the US Exchange Information about Compensation

Representatives from both Governments held a meeting in Havana this Tuesday

By: Juventud Rebelde


2015-12-09 | 13:28:29 EST

On Tuesday  December 8th an informative meeting took place in the Cuban capital between Governments of Cuba and the United States about the topic of mutual compensation. The Cuban delegation was led by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Abelardo Moreno Fernández, and the US delegation was headed by Deputy Legal Advisor of the State Department Mary McLeod.

The delegations exchanged information about compensation between both States waiting for solution. The Cuban delegation put forward the basis of the claims, particularly those of the Cuban people to the Government of the United States for human and economic damage, acknowledged by the country's courts.

Both parties agreed to continue the talks on this issue.

According to CubaMinrex, the meeting took place in a respectful and professional atmosphere.

Cuba has denounced in different forums, including the United Nations, that the economic damage due to the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by Washington since 1962 amount to 833,755 millions of dollars, Prensa Latina reported.

In January 2000 the Cuban courts brought a lawsuit by the Cuban People against the US Government for economic damage caused for more than half a century , PL added.

This is added to the Demand of the Cuban People to the US Governments for Human Damage, back in May 1999.

Since the announcement of the process for the reestablishment of bilateral relations, on December 17, 2014, Cuba and the United States reopened embassies in their respective capital cities and are holding talks on topics like illegal migration, human trafficking, telecommunications, civil aeronautics, environmental protection and human rights, among others. 

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