Dilma Rousseff Faces Impeachment Order

The executive must prove to the Federal Supreme Court and Congress there is no reason or evidence for Rousseff to be subjected to trial for fiscal responsibility

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2015-12-04 | 13:23:11 EST
Dilma Rousseff Faces Impeachment OrderDilma Rousseff Faces Impeachment Order Photo: AFPZoom

BRASILIA, Dec. 3. Legislative groups agreed on Monday to install a special commission to examine the request for impeachment against President Dilma Rousseff, for the crime of fiscal responsibility, which seeks to remove her from power.

 That intention, fuelled by the conservative leader of the Chamber of Deputies, Eduardo Cunha, has been censored and criticized by governors, union leaders, the Catholic Church, social movements and former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

 After a meeting of the leaders of the parties represented in the Chamber of Deputies with the highest authority in this house, Eduardo Cunha, determined that each block presents, up to next 7th, the names of the members of that committee, reported PL.

 The commission will have 65 members, made up of deputies from 23 parties, and the greater number of seats will be occupied by the benches most represented, the Workers Party (PT) and Democratic Movement Party (PMDB), to which Cunha belongs, with eight each.

 The executive will have to prove to the Federal Supreme Court and Congress there is no reason or evidence to make Rousseff subject to trial for fiscal responsibility.

 Upon hearing the proposal of Cunha, who himself is under a judicial investigation process for requesting and receiving a bribe of five million dollars, Dilma Rousseff gave a strong speech.

 "I have never coerced or attempted to coerce institutions or individuals looking to satisfy my interests. There has been no illegal act practiced by me. I have never been suspected of diversion of public money, I do not own accounts abroad, not concealed from public knowledge the existence of any personal property. I have never coerced or attempted to coerce institutions or individuals looking to satisfy my own interests, "said the head of state before the television cameras.

 Dilma addressed her advisers and was blunt: "Everyone knows my faults, but they know that I am not a thief."

 Among the many criticisms of the aggressive policy actions against the Brazilian president, stands the former president Lula da Silva. "I feel disgusted with what they are doing to the country. Cunha is just thinking about himself. He is not thinking of the country, of the economy. Brazil does not deserve that. It is something insane, "said the leader of the PT, EFE reported.

 As reported by the news agency ABR, the Brazilian Justice and Peace Commission of the National Confederation of Brazilian Bishops (CNBB) criticized Cunha and accused him of having acted for personal gain.

 Meanwhile, governors of states in north eastern Brazil also expressed their opposition and said that Cunha acted to oppose the PT legislators and was emphasizing an unwanted unconstitutional setback.

 They also warned that they will be mobilized to ensure the development of this process. Instead of acts of a coup, Brazil needs unity, dialogue and decisions able to resume economic growth and the re-distribution of wealth, said the governors in a public document.

 The Single Federation of Oil Unions, Workers Confederation and the Movement of Landless Rural Workers are coordinating actions in defence of the democratic mandate of Rousseff.

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