Electrical Sabotage to Hinder Elections

The electoral accompaniment mission of the Union of South American Nations has already settled in Caracas

By: Juventud Rebelde

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2015-11-18 | 17:16:29 EST
Electrical Sabotage to Hinder ElectionsElectrical Sabotage to Hinder Elections Photo: TelesurZoom
CARACAS.— The plan revealed by Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro about the electrical sabotage that the Right was trying to organize in Venezuela, had as its purpose to suspend the electoral process that will take place next December 6, and consequently the destabilization of Venezuela.

This statement was made by the international analyst Vladimir Adrianza in regard to the national blackout that the Right was trying to carry out during the next parliamentarian elections, and which was denounced this Monday by the Venezuelan president, Telesur reported.

Maduro denounced a criminal war against Venezuela, directed at the electrical power system supported by the U.S. Southern Command.

The analyst warned about the risks that improper handling of the electrical system may cause, because, in the case of the electoral machinery is essential to count on power without interruptions which allows it to carry out the process normally.

«The processes of collecting, gathering and processing of data that will be obtained on December 6, and the count in the late hours in the evening by representatives of political and people’s organizations, require the smooth running of the power system, » he explained.

Finally, the expert on international topics made a call to the people to be on the alert before the harmful interests that the extreme Right has in creating a possible civil confrontation.

The Venezuelan Government has been revealing on several occasions the interest of the opposition in Venezuela in disrupting the electoral process before the possibility of denying the results issued by the National Electoral Council (CNE)

At the same time, the electoral accompaniment mission of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur) officially settled in Caracas last Tuesday, after the first advance party of technicians and specialists from Southern electoral organizations reviewed the Venezuelan electoral system.

The Venezuelan Minister for Foreign Relations Delcy Rodríguez received the Secretary for UNASUR Ernesto Samper and the Ecuadorian  Chancellor Ricardo Patiño, who are in Caracas to accompany the elections after the agreement signed between the South American body and the CNE.

The mission, which will have a technical nature and will be acting in several cities in Venezuela, will be led by former Dominican President, and former Chairman of the National Bolivian Electoral Court José Luis Exeni, who will act as Coordinator General.

The advance party of the international accompaniment that the CNE has been developing includes the work of technicians and electoral authorities from Ecuador and Argentina, who were present during the audits of the system. They have visited the places for divulgation known as electoral fairs, and they have been monitoring the campaign that officially began last Friday.

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