Mexico and Havana Renew Historical Relations

Mexican Foreign Minister calls the increased bilateral cooperation a "new closeness"

By: Marylín Luis Grillo


2015-10-20 | 14:13:09 EST
Mexico and Havana Renew Historical RelationsMexico and Havana Renew Historical Relations Photo: Vladimir MolinaZoom
The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, Claudia Ruiz Massieu Salinas, who held on a working visit to Cuba on Monday, said in talks with his Cuban counterpart Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla that relations between the two countries, based on historical ties of friendship and solidarity have been renewed and currently have a new expression.
During the meeting, Massieu said the change in the legal framework which guides the  bilateral ties to boost "this new closeness in different areas," a priority established by the Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and led to the signing of nine instruments that strengthen the exchange various matters.

The diplomat pointed out the extensive development of cooperation in the cultural sphere in which Mexico and Cuba have what she called an "intimate cultural relationship." She also referred to other aspects such as the deepening of the academic exchange, in which more than 20 agreements to further increase reciprocity were approved recently.

She said that there is great interest from Mexican companies and industries to increase their presence in Cuba. Moreover, in tourism, there is "an important opportunity to exchange experiences and enhance flows between both countries and to look at us with a vision of complementarity that will certainly bring tremendous results to the Caribbean, to which we both belong, but also the relationship that already exists and which will create more opportunities for growth, employment and well-being for our peoples."
For his part, the Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez expressed satisfaction with the good level of relations between the two nations, and the promising prospects of progress.

He noted the potential for developing the multifaceted relations in all areas, while recognizing that Mexico is "a country with which we have a very intense relationship" and explicit willingness to increase economic and trade cooperation ties.
Rodriguez Parrilla called current participation of Mexican investors in the Mariel Special Development Zone promising and thanked the permanent company and support of Mexico at the multilateral level, particularly in the struggle against the blockade, and the words spoken on this topic by President Peña Nieto at the 70th United Nations General Assembly.

He considered that both countries are in a very special moment of their bilateral relations, while the Mexican Foreign Secretary pointed out that this is a period "we are determined to seize and to take advantage."

Mexico and Cuba have maintained uninterrupted diplomatic relations since 1902. Today, the continental nation is the sixth largest trading partner of the island and at the end of August 2015, mutual trade amounted to over 328 million dollars.

Translated by ESTI

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