Worldwide Satisfaction for Achievement of Peace in Colombia

UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon stressed that “it means a significant advance toward peace approaching the end of the longest armed conflict in the continent´s history”

By: Juventud Rebelde


2015-09-25 | 20:46:57 EST
BOGOTA.- The announcement made by President Juan Manuel Santos and FARC-EP guerrilla leader Timoleón Jiménez this Wednesday in the Cuban capital paved the way for peace in the long armed conflict, which has been welcomed all around the world.

UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon, stressed that “it means a significant advance toward peace approaching the end of the longest armed conflict in the continent´s history”.

In Bogotá, the Colombian party Patriotic Union celebrated the agreement on transitional justice between the Government and FARC-EP as an achievement in the peace process and urged to begin official talks with the also rebel ELN (National Liberation Army).

Without justice a true climate of reconciliation and peace will never be possible, it means the rights for the victims of the conflict, without exclusion, stressed in a communiqué that group, which suffered a political genocide years ago with the lossof over 4 000 members, PL reported.

According to the document released in Havana, called Special Jurisdiction for Peace, the creation of courts and boards to investigate, judge and sanction the actors of the confrontation, under the premise that no crimedeemed serious will be left unpunished. Nonetheless it anticipates amnesty benefits for some cases of political crime.

We share the spirit of justice that first of all guarantee the truth so that never again the Colombians suffer the pain of millions during half a century of war, we don´t believe in revenge, or hate that some try to instill into the new generation, stressed the leftist organization Patriotic Union.

Signed by the Patriotic Union leader and former presidential candidate Aida Avella the text considered that time has come to stop the war, to reconcile for living, growing and building the pacific, just and democratic society longed by the majority of Colombians.

In Washington, the spokesman of the Holy See, Federico Lombardi said that Pope Francis, on an Apostolic visit to the United States since last 22, “is very happy” with the agreement regarded as “good news we expected for the world” and highlighted: “It´s a positive sign. Obviously he (Pope Francis) is informed, he has spoken many times about reconciliation and is obviously very happy with the agreement”, he added.

Statements and messages of congratulation and in support of the agreement were sent from many centers of government, political parties and social movements of the world.

Chief among them a communiqué by Venezuela´s President NicolásMaduro, who said that for his government “peace for Colombia is peace for Venezuela”, and another by Bolivia’sEvo Morales assessing “good signs for making this a new millennium of pacific and long-lasting solutions”. The Argentine government also expressed “satisfaction” and reaffirmed “its permanent support”.

In Washington, the White House and the State Department; the Senior Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs  Federica Mogherini, the OAS General Secretary Luis Almagro, and German authorities, welcomed the peace agreement.

Translated by ESTI

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