Acts of Love by Cubans in Nepal

The 41st Henry Reeve Brigade from Cuba came to this land on Tuesday, May 12 at 9:40 am and from Twitter@CubahelpsNepal we will tell the stories in the brevity of 140 characters

By: Nyliam Vázquez García


2015-05-18 | 09:38:23 EST

She is just a bundle wrapped in blankets. It is known that she’s three days old, and, most importantly, she is most likely to survive. Her birth came amid tension and distress left by two earthquakes that have plagued Nepal in recent weeks, but she is being treated by a Cuban doctor.


The 41st Henry Reeve Brigade came to this land on Tuesday, May 12 at 9:40 am and from Twitter @CubahelpsNepal will tell the stories in the brevity of 140 characters. In this way, which is also published on the Infomed site, it emerged that the first patient treated was Frayed Tvdyer with traumatic lower back pain; and our physicians went to Bungmati and Latitpur, both in central Nepal.


"Forty-two patients in the first half hour," says a tweet from the disaster area and we have no choice but to feel pride, said Dr. Patricia Alfonso Galban, from Havana, in her Facebook account " very proud! of being Cuban and a doctor !!!"while sharing images of their colleagues.


"Six Cuban specialists and three Nepalese are en route to treat patients in Khokanat, also in Lalitpur district" is in another CubahelpsNepal messages.


Our doctors they are seen with their backpacks, sitting on walls, surrounded by ruins and attending to long lines of Nepalese. You can see them doing what they do best: saving lives.


On the makeshift tables there are the necessary medications. They with their gowns, gloves, masks and that smile saying: "Relax, everything will be fine," regardless of what language they speak.

 With proper care and the doctor’s recommendations, the baby born just three days ago will get better. Now that the sound of her crying has been here, sure that after today it will have a different tone: This man who spoke so strangely, no doubt, will be essential in her life.


Translated by ESTI

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