Latin American Students Stand up for Venezuela

OCLAE´s executive secretariat has made a public statement supporting the Government and people of the Bolivarian country faced with the imperialist attack

By: Yuniel Labacena Romero


2015-03-14 | 12:49:28 EST
From the Caribbean and Latin American Students Organization (OCLAE) we stand behind the Venezuelan people, who are not in awe of these new aggressions and rise to defend freedom and rights. We are calling on the Latin American student movement to reject this imperialist onslaught and we reaffirm ourselves as permanent soldiers of this cause.

Thus reads a statement by the Executive Secretariat of that student organization supporting the Venezuelan people and Government, before the aggressive and meddlesome measures dictated by the White House.

The statement was issued in the Cuban capital, where the organization has been based since its foundation in 1966.

The implementation of the same imperialist formulas, which are widely spread around the World and have stained this continent in blood many times, is repudiated in the text; while the racially-based protests occurring in the United States, the economic crisis, the migration policy, among other problems remain overlooked.

The students assure that US President Barack Obama´s decision of declaring Venezuela, an “unusual and extraordinary threat to the United States´ foreign policy and homeland security”, is an aggression against the Latin American peoples and is trying, as has happened before, to justify different types of sanctions and military action.

The statement rejects the imperialist decision of steering its militarist course against Venezuela once more, and calls on every Latin American and Caribbean student to express, paraphrasing Martí: “Venezuela only needs to tell me what to do for her, for I am her son”.
Translated by ESTI

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