Cuba Places Third as Tourist Destination in the Caribbean

Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico occupy first and second place
2012-05-14 | 10:00:09 EST
HAVANA, Cuba, May 14.— Carlos Vogeler, General Director for the Americas of the World Tourism Organization (WTO), said Cuba now is in the third position as the Caribbean country that receives more tourists per year, trailing the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

During his visit to the King’s Gardens in a tour after the end of the 32 International Tourism Fair FITCUBA 2012, the official said Cuba is improving its tourist industry and that shows in the increasing number of arrivals each year.
At the same pace Cuban tourism has improved so have the fairs, then the idea to take it this year to such an attractive place as Cayo Santa Maria, said Vogeler.

He added that this visit to King’s Gardens allowed many foreigners to get to know the natural beauties that you can find in the Coco and Guillermo Keys, because it is a very valuable product barely known outside Cuba, he said.

Tour operators, travel agents, and hotel chains and airliners representatives toured the different facilities ijn the keys off the northern central Cuban coast. There they could see the beauty of the Playa Pilar resort, one of the most beautiful places in Cuba, where the sand dunes are among the best preserved in the region.

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