Inocencia: A Film about the Eight Medicine Students

Inspired by the abominable execution of the eight medicine students filmmaker Alejandro Gil will make a film

By: Alejandro A. Madorrán Durán


2017-09-04 | 14:36:47 EST

The terrible murder of the eight medicine students by the Spanish colonial authorities has moved Cuban filmmaker Alejandro Gil (La pared, La emboscada) to undertake a new film whose title is innocence. The filmming will start by mid October.

The film will narrate two stories in parallel, one in 1871 in which the execution takes place, and another, 16 years later, when Fermín Valdés Domínguez, who was also accused and six months in prison, undertakes the search for bodies to denounce the event, explained Gil.

The director of the award-winning telefilm Extravíos and of the documentaries Piensa en mí and Entre cuerpo y alma, said that actor Yasmani Guerrero "Jirafas" will play Valdés Domínguez, while in the role of the medicine students shot will be in the hands of young graduates of art schools.

Still under preparation, the project has demanded an arduous historical research, for which the team has relied on texts, letters and newspapers of the time, among other documents. "This is a fiction movie based on real events, although some creative freedoms are allowed," he said.

With a screenplay by Amílcar Salatti, photography by the experienced Ángel Alderete, art direction by Aramís Balebona, and production by Carlos de la Huerta, Inocencia will be entirely taken over by the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry (ICAIC). This new proposal, Gil said, aims to continue bringing young people to important events in our history that should not be forgotten.

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