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Mixing the crime, the mystery and the fantasy in the same audiovisual production is an effective formula developped in the cultural industry to capture the audience´s attention 

By: José Luis Estrada Betancourt

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2017-06-07 | 16:26:18 EST
With Grimm, David Giuntoli plays his first big role in representing Nick Burkhard.With Grimm, David Giuntoli plays his first big role in representing Nick Burkhard. Photo: Juventud RebeldeZoom

June 7, 2017

The TV networks have made it evident: there´s a very effective formula to capture the audience´s attention: to mix the crime, the mystery and the fantasy in the same audiovisual product. Those series like Supernatural and Grimm, whose fifth season is screened on Multivision go with a swing. The latter builds its own mythology by presenting two separate worlds, which are connected by Nick Burkhard a very peculiar character.

In a place named Portland, Burkhard (David Giuntoli) makes a living as a homicide detective, while having a gift: it is a Grimm, he has the ability to recognize the Wesen, species of anthropomorphic creatures living among humans without them being able to identify their presence. It is therefore up to Nick to keep them at bay so as to prevent the evil they represent from spreading.

This situation provided enough script fuel for David Greenwalt, specialist in fantastic subjects (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Jake 2.0, Moonlight); And Jim Kouf, who were summoned by producers Todd Milliner and Sean Hayes to try to stretch the leading character´s existence as much as possible, forced to keep huge secrets, even to his loved ones: His girlfriend, veterinary Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) and his companions Hank Griffin (Russell Hornsby) and Drew Wu (Reggie Lee).

In order to carry out his role as a true hunter of monsters who take that strange form, Nick will need help from faithful allies, like Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell), a wesen that takes appearance of wolf and that will be essential so that the detective can find the culprit of the crime. Also important is the cooperation of another rare creature the herbalist Bree Turner his fiance.

Although welcomed by the public, the critics were somewhat tepid about the series, which led to the production of a full season after its release in October 2011.

Undoubtedly the number of viewers began to grow as they learned about the true nature of Grimm, as his friends were adapting to reality, in order to be ready to assemble a sui generis research group to face the "invasion" of more and more villains, with their large corporations or secret companies.

With a self-closing style (the story is solved in each episode), which makes this TV offer more striking; However, all about the weses world and their situation in "real" life is presented to us. Here are the scenarios in which the action takes place, with that sinister environment of Portland, conceived through dark streets, forests, castles ... Undoubtedly, the right atmosphere is one of the series´ achievements.

Performances have to play an essential role to make such a series minimally plausible. In Grimm´s case, the actors do their job correctly. Up to the time this production came to light, David Giuntoli was a complete stranger. In fact, his experience was reduced to being a competitor of realities until he made some minor roles. It is undeniable that the producers took a lot of risk when they gave him the main role of Grimm, and he did not disappoint with his Nick Burkhard.

His castmates: especially Bitsie Tulloch (she gets a good chemistry on screen with Giuntoli), Russell Hornsby and Reggie Lee, but they do not make us jump with enthusiasm, nor do they fade away. If there was to be any performance, that would be Silas Weir Mitchell, who seems to have gotten used to stealing the show, as he has done before in Prison Break and in My Name is Earl. Sincerely, this actor is a weapon of wonder to this character who often has the key to solve the cases, by knowing his fellows well. With this role tailor-made for him, Silas also contributes with the necessary dose of humor so that the viewer does not get tired of so many monsters.

In my opinion Grimm is not one of those bad audiovisual products. As a hobby it is entertaining, because in addition I do not believe that its producers have anticipated it with influxes of greatness. It is a modest series, whose creators had quite clear how to capture a particular audience, although at times gave signs of evident "exhaustion", that the imagination and originality could not give more, especially when the episodes depended on the " Seductive power "of the wesen of turn and of the dignity of special effects.

Since the release of Grimm in 2011, six seasons and 123 episodes have been made. Just in 2017, it was said that this series was finally broadcasted on NBC, although its fans, who were surprised and desolate with the outcome of that somewhat open end, still do not lose hope that the television network will reconsider it better.

As the business is the business, neither David Greenwalt nor Jim Kouf bolted the door in case those in charge of putting the "resources" are jammed so that Grimm reappears otherwise or causes a spin-off. Kouf said it very clearly: "We left all our options open. You never know".

Bree Turner plays Monroe´s fiancee (Silas Weir Mitchell).

The “culprits”

In the eighteenth century the German brothers Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm driven by curiosity and love of their people, became accustomed to traveling through the villages to talk to their people and collect their legends, their rites, their customs, their songs ... , Testimonies that gathered in the form of short stories. From these tales David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf drank to create a new breed of humans they called Grimms, that is, people with a gifted fantasy.

In fashion

In the world of TV it seems that there are companies and producers that choose what topic will dominate in the series, because when Grimm was aired also other proposals appeared focusing on children´s stories, such as Once Upon a Time (Once upon a time ...) which was premiered the same year.

Translated by ESTI

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