Cuban Students of Music to Perform in New York

Some 17 students from the National School of Music and the Amadeo Roldán Conservatoire are in New York

By: José Luis Estrada Betancourt


2017-05-12 | 08:14:45 EST
Following an invitation by the Jazz at Lincoln Center (JALC), 17 students from the National School of Music (eight) and from the Amadeo Roldán Conservatoire (nine) will be in New York until May 13 as members of Cuba’s Jazz Youth Orchestra.
The All-Star orchestra, as it is known, will offer an exhibition concert, next May 12, during the Essentially Ellington, annual competition of Jazz bands for high school students, as part of a new action by Horns to Havana, a project that is aimed at strengthening ties between the United States and Cuba, by using mutual musical traditions, especially jazz.
In fact, JALC has been since the creation of Horns to Havana in 2010, Cuba’s first partner in the United States, and thereafter it has offered continuous educational opportunities for Cuban students and teachers.
Co-founder and executive director of Horns to Havana, Susan Sillins recognized that they are greatly honored for the invitation to perform in Essentially Ellington, especially after JALC allowed, some years ago that our teachers experienced the competition as observers.
“We are sure that everybody will be delighted by our All-Star band ( they will be directed by Amadeo Roldán director and ISA teacher Camilo Moreira) and we know that our students will be greatly excited seeing their colleagues perform that incredible music...”
The students’ All-Star orchestra will feature in the Essentially Ellington under the auspices of the National Center of Art Schools (CNEART) and Cuba’s Ministry of Culture.

Translated by ESTI 

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