A Book Fair Inspired by Fidel

Cuban publishers will make available to the public the 90th Anniversary Collection, which treasures important titles to understand the political thinking of the Commander in Chief 

By: Alejandro A. Madorrán Durán

Email: digital@juventudrebelde.cu

2017-02-08 | 15:23:39 EST
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Fidel's creative spirit, his untiring desire for reading and his legacy as a statesman will accompany the International Book Fair in a special way, in which the Cuban leader will be very present through different books and other initiatives.

Thus, the Cuban publishers will make the 90th Anniversary Collection available to the public, which holds important titles (nearly 25) to understand the political thinking of the Commander in Chief, like La Historia me absolverá (History will Absolve me,) Guerrillero del tiempo (Guerrilla of time,) the Anthologies: Un objetivo, un pensamiento; Mujeres y Revolución and Lo perdurable es el pueblo,  as well as other books about Fidel, written by prestigious Cuban and foreign intellectuals.

Comic books are another proposal, which as future seeds will come with the titles Un niño llamado Fidel, Rebelión, Días de cocuyo, Fidel, el rebelled and El que debe vivir, works that will help the young children to understand the history of the leader of the Cuban Revolution.

In addition, several meetings and conversations will be held, starting on February 10 in the Nicolás Guillén Sala in La Cabaña, with the colloquium Fidel, Politics and Culture, made up of several panels that will develop with intellectuals like Mario Mencía, Heberto Norman, Katiuska Blanco, Fernando Martínez Heredia, Atilio Borón, René González Barrios and Piero Gleijeses.

At the same time, the cultural project Our History and Fidel will take place at the K5 room, a space in which the Fidel is Fidel and Chávez documentaries, by Roberto Chile, will be shown, as well as the premiere of the Patria and Freedom multimedia and the virtual visit to the historic place in Birán, both by the Institute of History of Cuba, among other materials.

Likewise, different conferences are scheduled, including: Concepción de Fidel sobre el papel de la cultura en la Revolución Cubana, by the Minister of Culture Abel Prieto, and Humanismo en Fidel y su legado,  by Dr. Eusebio Leal Spengler.

Translated by ESTI

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