Habanarte has Already Kicked off

The festival makes up a model of integration that has allowed the audience to receive a high quality program 



2016-09-09 | 13:09:46 EST

The Third Edition of the Habanarte Festival was inaugurated with the premiere of Welcome by Susana Pous and performed by Danza Abierta Company, last Thursday night at the Alicia Alonso Grand Theater of Havana. The event brings together all art forms and includes this time the International Forum on State-of-the-Art Music, which aims to visualize Cuban music and establish distribution channels.


Deputy Minister of Culture Fernando Rojas highlighted that Habanarte set an integration model that has allowed the audience to receive a high quality program, although it’s still an incipient effort. In the festival, different spaces and events coexist. And, Ibermúsica (Iberian Music) event will be held during Habanarte festival that will run until September 18, having the program concentrated from Thursday to Sunday. At present, a cultural meeting from CELAC is sectioning with the participations of experts from 18 countries.


This time, Habanarte is dedicated to the Cuban young art, which will enjoy the talent trained in art schools. The Fuerza y sangre: imaginarios de la bandera cubana (Force and Blood: Imaginaries of the Cuban Flag) exhibition that is been carried out at the Alicia Alonso Great Theater of Havana, performances by Havana company at Trompoloco tent, the workshops at the University of the Arts (ISA), and tours to historical places, highlight among other proposals.

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