A Fiesta for Salvadorian Children

Second stage of the Salvadorian La Colmenita project

By: Juventud Rebelde

Email: digital@juventudrebelde.cu

2016-03-10 | 16:48:09 EST

The Salvadorian La Colmenita project is opening its second stage with the beginning of its workshops and the opening of auditions, and the increase in the exchange of experiences for the implementation of the children’s creation, supported by Cuban specialists.

In this current stage, educational workshops for children and adolescents, as well as auditions for theater groups will be held in 15 cultural centers in the different municipalities, like San Salvador, Mejicanos, San Juan Opico, San Miguel, Dulce Nombre de María, Chapeltique, El Mozote hamlet, Jiquilisco, Sonsonate, Santo Domingo de Guzmán, Soyapango, Ciudad Delgado, Santa Ana, Nuevo Cuscatlán and Zacatecoluca.

The Salvadorian Secretary for Culture Silvia Elena Regalado; the Cuban Ambassador Iliana Fonseca and the Salvadorian National Director for Casas de la Cultura  (cultural centers) César Pineda were present in the opening of this stage of the project, according to the note received in the JR editorial office.

Regalado was pleased to inform about this project which she described as a true fiesta for the Salvadorian children. Sh added that La Colmenita is «a little flame of hope in the midst of violence, so it contributes to the strengthening of many intelligences, to the conscience of being, to the hope that we can do more ourselves to transform society. »
The Cuban ambassador reported that the team of Cuban specialists will soon be in El Salvador to continue developing the project. This stage is essential because theater groups will be formed at the cultural centers, she highlighted.

In addition, workshops for training the facilitators for the creation of the Colmenitas in El Salvador will be carried out in coordination with the schools and the municipal mayor’s offices.

The process also includes workshops for training and visits to hospitals with the aim of creating volunteer teams and prepare them to take part in crisis, through performances by therapeutic clowns, who are part of the methodology of the La Colmenita in Cuba.

The group, made up by children of the workers and students from the University of El Salvador  and members of Coro Presidencial para el Buen Vivir , receives the benefit of these workshops.
The Salvadorian National Director for Casas de la Cultura said that the National Children’s Festival of the La Colmenita Theater, scheduled for next October, will stage 16 plays resulting from the process.
Nearly 480 children and young people from 5 to 17 years old will be training with tools for life and technical foundations in art.  In addition, the project will include 120 adults for carrying out voluntary work in techniques for preventing violence and the intervention in crisis by means of the therapy of art.
The La Colmenita project was born in Cuba 26 years ago.

Translated by ESTI

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