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The jury of the 57th Casa de las Americas Literary Prize was constituted on Monday

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2016-01-19 | 17:38:09 EST
The jury of the 57th Casa de las Americas Literary Prize was constituted on Monday.The jury of the 57th Casa de las Americas Literary Prize was constituted on Monday. Photo:
More than 400 works, among them 221 manuscripts competing in the Story section, -a record- go for the 57th Casa de las Americas Literary Prize, whose jury was made up on Monday.

This was stated to the press by Jorge Fornet, director of the Centre for Literary Research of the Casa de las Americas, who, in the Che Guevara Hall of this institution, reported that in 2016 texts will also compete in the categories of theatre, artistic and literary essay topic, Brazilian and Caribbean Literature, Literature in French or Creole. Studies on cultures in America will also be awarded, he said,.

Subsequently, Fornet introduced those who will have the responsibility to evaluate the texts. Among them is the Colombian Santiago Gamboa, who, in his opening remarks at the prestigious event, said he will try to find the winners among those writers who "invent for himself fire and the wheel, discover the law of universal gravitation and penicillin -his fire, his universal gravitation, his penicillin."

Gamboa, a prominent writer, journalist and diplomat, will vote in the Story mode, for anyone who has the "desire to create something that does not yet exist, and to do so with an aesthetic intention. It is the instinct that forces beauty, understanding, art."

The jury will announce its verdict on Thursday, January 28, at 7:00 pm, after intense days of work in the province of Cienfuegos. There, in the Dionisio San Roman library -on Saturday 23rd, at 11:00 am- will take place the presentation of the 2015 awards, as well as numbers 281 and 177 of the magazine Casa de las Americas and Conjunto, in that order.

Then on the 25th, the Manuel Galich hall of the Havana institution will be hosting the talks entitled Indigenous intellectuals in the 21st century: thought, production and activism (3:00 pm) and Expectations and realities of Latin American dramas (4:30 pm) .

Similarly on the 26th, there will be an exchange on the topic Creating and literary mediation: towards a cartography of contemporary Francophone Caribbean (3:00 pm). On the same day, but in the Che Guevara Hall, will be a discussion (5:00 pm) on ways to make the story: storytellers today, which gives way (7:00 pm) to the intervention of Uruguayan Senator Jose Mujica , former president of the Latin American sister nation.

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