So Simple, So Awesome

In the context of the 7th Festival, the New Latin American Cinema Foundation was created in Casa de las Américas on December 4th, 1985

By: Jaisy Izquierdo


2015-12-04 | 12:26:48 EST
Alfredo Guevara and Gabriel García MárquezAlfredo Guevara and Gabriel García Márquez Photo: Roberto SuárezZoom

First, it was the seed of that Movie Festival in Viña del Mar, genesis of the mythical cinematographic movement which unveiled a different Latin America to the world through the founding of the moviemaker’s outlook like Fernando Birri, Nelson Pereira dos Santos, Miguel Littín, Julio García Espinosa and Alfredo Guevara which proposed a New Latin American Cinema.

The first fruit was born three years later in 1979, when the New Latin American Cinema Festival was held in Havana, as a space to encourage the integration of the regional movie, and cooperate in the fight for consolidating the cultural identity of our America.

And then, the tree: when in 1985, on this date December 4th, the New Latin American Cinema Foundation (FNCL). In the context of the 7th Festival, Casa de las Américas, legendary site for artistic creation in the continent, saw the birth of this institution, with the presence of another architect of the region’s dreams, Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz.

 Thus, the Foundation was created, due to the endeavor of the Latin American Moviemakers Committee (C-CAL), which since the beginning was chaired by Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez during almost its whole existence.

 One year after that afternoon of creation, and as a result of the same process, the Movie School was opened, keeping the Latin American integrating character and has become an Ibero-American example of audiovisual teaching.

 And since then the Foundation has insisted on its vocation to promote training, production, distribution, exhibition and promotion of our movies; always true to Gabriel’s precept: “Our final goal is just to achieve integration of the Latin American cinema. So simple, so awesome.”

 There is nothing more natural than to come back to the Casa today Friday, to celebrate the three decades of the Foundation.

 In this venue, located on 3ra and Avenida de los Presidentes, the first episode of the documentary series directed by Colombian Lisandro Duque  El mundo mágico de Gabo will be released, and the 35 pieces of the Asturias born caricaturist José Luis Posada’s  exhibition Regresar a Macondo will be opened.

 For its part, the FNCL, in the maturity of its 30 years, is aimed at giving continuity to its programs and projects, such as the International Movie and TV School, its web platform, the Latin American and Caribbean Audiovisual and Cinema Homepage; the Digital Library and the Latin American Audiovisual and Movie Observatory; as well as the undertaking of new studies and publications in various formats, the release of two announcements of annual awards, in addition to the seminar and specialized workshop schedule, among other actions.


Translated by ESTI

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