The Expressions of Love

The 62nd concert in the tour of Silvio by the neighborhoods allowed seeing, as a joined family, the daily life of the Five for whom the Cuban people and many other people in the world fought so hard

By: Yelanys Hernández Fusté and Nyliam Vázquez García


2014-12-22 | 14:39:23 EST
The Expressions of LoveThe Expressions of Love Photo: Calixto N. LlanesZoom

The Five men held the hands of their loved ones singing the songs of Silvio, songs that belong to a generation and whose verses became a protecting shield against the most difficult times during those 16 years. But the time they spent singing together with Silvio Rodríguez was undoubtedly the most intense. It was the time of happy men and women, and the time of the entire Cuban people.

Silvio asked them: ‹‹Come here to sing with me››, and Gerardo, René, Antonio, Fernando and Ramón put the highest chords, those which can only rise from the bottom of the heart. Thus, they were the perfect chorus for the author of the song La gota de rocío (The dewdrop) in his 62nd concert which the troubadour named as the 620th for its meaning, for the magic that it involved.

And Ramon said ‹‹For the silly people: El Necio (The Silly) ›› Then, the instruments started sounding and The Five sang this song as if it were the first time that those lyrics arose from deep inside, driving doubts away, for being firm in the early hours after the arrest and during the subsequent hard days and months.
Gerardo told the hundreds of people gathered together in the parking lot of the Estadio Latinoamericano, who didn’t want to miss the concert, that this song became the Resistance Hymn that shows ‹‹the immense pride of being Cuban and revolutionary.››
And suddenly, the people started chanting a name, the only possible name: «¡Fidel, Fidel! » and the giant became present, because he foresaw and promised the return of the Five, and now they are here.
The Five also accompanied Silvio singing La era and Pequeña serenata diurna... and all of them seemed very happy!
The hours spent in such a special space revealed the expressions of a new reality, those for which so many had fought.
Thus, Adriana couldn’t stop her tears when Silvio sang El dulce abismo, a song that identifies them so much. However, those tears are now a stream of happiness because she could listen to the song in the arms of her love. And it was the same song that made Elizabeth seek shelter on Ramón’s chest, and René and Olga looked at each other with a higher intensity, if it’s possible. For Tony it was impossible to stay unmovable in his chair.
How many emotions involved them last Saturday’s night? People could see Tony, the son of Mirtha, dancing with her sister Maruchi, and singing together with Víctor Casaus, whispering to his mother, whose hand he held all the time she was by his side; taking pictures of Gerardo and Adriana, and invited people to join the Five singing El Mayor, as an advance of the following events.
Thus, the concert of Silvio was full of fond expressions like when Ramón stroked the head of Lizbeth, his youngest daughter; and he put his hand on the leg of his wife with a conspiratorial gesture; Fernando, who was always watching for his bothers in the cause, living with emotions which he didn’t have; but he was lit up like his brothers. Gerardo and Adriana, hand in hand, telling each other through a little caress of their hands, without words, that this verse or another had touched them very deeply.
How many times during these 16 years, these families took part of the concert for the Five? How many times they would like to sing those songs with them? So, happiness was present in everybody who shared with them the two hours of the concert.
Elizabeth held Ramón’s hand and she didn’t stop stroking him, even with her little finger that didn’t stop inside her husband’s hand. Adriana put little kisses, from time to time on the cheek of Gerardo, and stroked his arm. René and Olga were looking at each other and over their two daughters... the joined family at last!
So, that poem which becomes song, that gem obtained from the look of the author over the world, took more strength in the faces of the five huge persons. And Silvio sang: what a curious way of remembering we have,/ what curious ways:/ today I remember butterflies that just yesterday were smoke,/ butterflies, butterflies/ that came from the darkness/ silent dancers. And everybody quivered by the metaphor of his Mariposas (Butterflies).
The troubadour sang others of his songs, those that were present in cells of total isolation where the sun light is missing, the rain, a cup of coffee after lunch, the smell of the sea or the warm look from the loved ones in the mornings.
And the singer-songwriter presented the audience with a four of his works like a suite of ‹‹musical paintings: ›› Dibujo de una mujer con sombrero, Óleo de una mujer con sombrero, Detalle de una mujer con sombrero and Mujer sin sombrero.
Besides, the audience asked him for La maza, and Silvio also sang another of his classics: Quién fuera, where the chords of the flute player Niurka González, the pianist Jorge Aragón, the percussionists Emilio Vega and Oliver Valdés, the strings of the Trovarroco, and the bass of Jorge Reyes, were more intense.
And Vicente Feliú fulfilled a promise: one of the Five would remove the yellow bracelet that he carried on his arm for months. Tony removed it on behalf of all his brothers, and the author of Créeme raised his voice to make true the verses by Polo Montañés. Thus the song Regresaré was listened to louder than ever.  
Some minutes after Silvio left the stage he told the press ‹‹everybody agreed that this was a long battle, and I have said so.  It was agreed that the longest battle will be that of Gerardo. So this is a surprise for everybody. This was managed with great discretion.  However, this is a wonderful surprise. I believe that this is an extraordinary New Year’s Eve.
And he highlighted «I had a conversation with my friend Guillermo Rodríguez Rivera, who was 15 years old, and I was 12 years old at the triumph of the Revolution on January 1st, 1959, and none of us could remember so beautiful, bright and encouraging days as these. ››
For his part, David Torrens, who was previously invited by Silvio to take part in his tour through the Cuban neighborhoods, offered a very touching prelude.  Torrens offered well known topics from his repertoire like Tú, El bufón y el trágico, Sentimientos ajenos and Razones. The audience enjoyed his lyrics full of urban and poetic lyricism, so he told Juventud Rebelde that ‹‹it’s wonderful to see the people happy... and this that is happening is really wonderful, and we would like that a lot more wonderful things will happen. ››
And when the night was completely dark and it was the time to end, the Five were very thankful to everybody and they continued lifted up by affection. Silvio said that the concert has been «unforgettable, wonderful», and in the memory remains, above all, the expression of love.

Translated by ESTI

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