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The degree of reliability of protection plans for the population, the area of defense and the community where a group of families resides depends on knowing the place to go to protect themselves

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2017-09-08 | 12:55:17 EST
Cross section of a hurricane.Cross section of a hurricane. Photo: Juventud RebeldeZoom

September8, 2017

Faced with the danger of tropical cyclones, families should adopt a set of measures to protect their members, their assets (including pets and foster animals) and the family economy, and if housing provides security, planning how they can contribute to the protection of others.

The Family Guide for Tropical Cyclone Protection, published by the National Civil Defense General Staff in coordination with the Institute of Meteorology and the National Institute of Water Resources, as well as with the governmental institutions of the provinces and municipalities, also includes the guidelines we offered yesterday in our pages, a "decalogue" of the main measures of family protection.

The definition of what to do and the decisions to be made are based, as explained in the Guide ..., on the knowledge of the vulnerabilities of residential areas and homes, considering the state construction, roof resistance, walls, windows and doors due to strong winds, possibilities of collapse, leaks due to heavy rains, and danger of flooding in low-lying areas, near rivers, canals, streams or coastal areas.

The degree of reliability of plans to protect the population, the area of defense and the community where a group of families reside depends on knowing the place they should go to protect themselves (other houses, other state facilities with safety conditions and away from risk areas), as well as the deadlines in which the move should be made to avoid movements in the night or under the dangerous effects of winds, rain or the sea. All members of the family must follow the news.

In the families residing in urban areas, where some of their members are involved in service activities at workplaces linked to production or protection of the population and / or resources of the economy, they must designate another member of the family to ensure protection at home.

For families residing in rural areas, it is advisable to distribute the tasks to be carried out by each member of the family, so that some ensure compliance with the measures of animal protection, others referring to the crops or harvests, and others that are fulfilled directly at home or in the interest of the family and the community.

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