Double Engagement

Collective wedding of FAR young members in tribute to Commander-in-Chief

By: Aileen Infante Vigil-Escalera


2017-08-16 | 13:55:49 EST
Double EngagementDouble Engagement Photo: Ariel Cecilio LemusZoom

There were 13 couples, 13 like the date marked in the calendar for the ceremony. The brides , in white dresses, the grooms in green olive uniforms.

When they decided they were sure. In  tribute to Fidel’s 91st anniversary, the young Cubans celebrated collectively and under the weapons, their love. And so they did.

At 6:30 pm, in the Central House of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR), in the presence of relatives, friends, and FAR chiefs and officers, and Brigadier General Delsa Esther "Teté" Puebla Vilches and Colonel Orlando Cardoso Villavicencio as witnesses of honor, the collective wedding was held.

After the pronouncements one of the peak moments of the ceremony, the walk under arms took place. To their protection and only with the future ahead, the commitment of love for the couple, for Cuba, for Fidel, as they affirmed minutes later before the sculpture of the National Apostle in the Memorial dedicatedto him. So far they came to pay a floral tribute on behalf of the young Cubans.

As is tradition, the newlyweds received as presents from the FAR Ministry promotional kitsof the Editorial Verde Olivo that includes the special edition of the magazine dedicated to Fidel.

Translated by ESTI 

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