The Youth Recalls Fidel in La Plata and el Turquino

YoungCubans will climb to La Plata General Command, the Turquino peak and will carry out campings in emblematic places of the nation in tribute to Fidel

By: Osviel Castro Medel


2017-08-11 | 16:02:40 EST
BARTOLOMÉ MASÓ, Granma.— In La Plata General Command, from where Fidel steered the course of actions in the liberation war, a group of 91 young inhabitants of this province will commemorate the 91 anniversary of the Revolution leader, next August 13.
In this historic site of the Sierra Maestra, declared National Monument, the young group will stage a workshop on the enclave, created in May 1958. The magic of heroineCelia Sánchez Manduley is present in this location with facilities whose features were barely changed.
The relevance of this historic site, where the first Agrarian Reform was signed to give lands to the farmers, will be highlighted by the group.
In addition to these actions, on the eve of August 13 other youngsters from the territory will perform campings in La Demajagua, Cinco Palmas and Las Coloradas, sites linked to Commander in Chief to talk about his legacy.
In the first place, Fidel delivered the speech for the centenary of the outbreak of the independence war in 1968; in the second place, he met with Raúl after being dispersed by the enemy in Alegría de Pío; and very close to the third one he landed from the Granma at the head of 81 men on December 2, 1956.
Likewise, other young inhabitants of this territory joined a group of 25 members of the Hermanos Saíz Association coming from other nine provinces, and from yesterday they are visiting historic sites of Granma until they start a journey to Pico Real del Turquino (located in Santiago de Cuba)to honor there Fidel’s 91th birthday.
Members of that group talked with top authorities of Granma and visited the Santa Ifigenia cemetery in Santiago de Cuba, the monument to Martí in Dos Ríos, Jiguaní, the squares of Anthem and the Homeland and the house where Céspedes was born in Bayamo.
The glorious date for Cuba will also be honored in Granma with a mass chess simultaneous exhibition match, book fairs, concerts with municipal bands, meetings of the Association of Militants of the Cuban Revolution, among other activities.

Translated by ESTI

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