Civil Defense:55 Years of Experience

Cuba’sCivil Defense turned 55 years thanks to an organized system that today is an example for many international institutions and countries

By: Juventud Rebelde


2017-08-02 | 13:37:07 EST
With an organized system which is an example for other nations of the world,the National Civil Defense Headquarters celebrated its 55th anniversary. The experts chalk up this success to the priority given to human life protection.
The second head of the organization, Luis Macareño, stressed that Cuba developed a system to consolidate comprehensive risk management and mitigate vulnerabilities with the use of resources available in the country.
Macareño stressed that the achievements of Civil Defense are possible mainly because the institution's plans are aimed at protecting human life, the environment and economic resources.
At the ceremony, presided over by the head of Civil Defense, the General Division of the reserve Ramon Pardo, the outstanding workers of the institution received a diploma signed by the Minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, according to PL.
Likewise, theCuban Workers Union Secretary General, Ulises Guilarte, bestowed the 75th anniversary commemorative seal, and the Correos de Cuba company canceled a postal stamp dedicated to the members of the Civil Defense.
Civil Defense was founded on July 31, 1962, as Popular Defense and its main mission was the protection of nationalized enterprises, population, land and property of the people, against the aggression of imperialism and its allies, inside and outside Cuba.
The militias of the Popular Defense were organized with the militiamen of the work centers. Excluded were those who belonged to the reserve of regular units. Also the formation of special units in the neighborhoods and cities was implemented.
By 1971, it was decided to subordinate the civil defense management bodies to the corresponding leadership bodies of the Communist Party of Cuba (CCP). This changed during the phase of institutional reorganization and celebration of the First Congress of the CCP.
In July 1976 the National People's Power Assembly passed Law No. 1316 on the improvement of the Civil Defense System, in line with the creation of organs of the People's Power and the new political-administrative division.
Translated by ESTI 

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