Children Gauge their Abilities

Santiago de Cuba is hosting the National Competition of the Marine Scout Schoolchildren Movement 

By: Yuniel Labacena Romero


2017-08-02 | 13:35:08 EST
The Asalto al Moncada Schoolchildren Camp from Santiago de Cuba is hosting the National Competition of the Marine Scout Schoolchildren Movement until next Saturday, as reported by Chairwoman of the José Martí Students’ Organization Aymara Guzmán Carrazana.
The leader said that around a hundred schoolchildren of the secondary level arrived in this eastern region accompanied by guides, instructors, technicians, judges, referees and members of the Advisory Board of the Movement to take part in the competition, whose purpose, among other things, will be to offer information about climate change.
She said that there are six teams of kids in competition: Isla de la Juventud and Matanzas (western division) Cienfuegos and Ciego de Ávila (central division), Granma and Guantánamo (eastern division).
Guzmán Carrazana has considered the competitions as very strong since the beginning at the ground level. She added that the schoolchildren gauge their abilities in canoeing, individual and team swimming, marine vocabulary, knotting, spatial orientation, among others.
"This summer competition is one of the most attractive recreational options for teenagers. Beyond the competition and the cultural and recreational activities, the young crews also develop historical proposals, as the exploration activity offers a vast field for the promotion of values, knowledge of History, observation, study and care of the Nature, "she concluded.
Translated by ESTI 

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