Santiago, Young Clamor for Sovereign Cuba

Grandstand of condemnation to the imperialism and in support of the Revolution from the historic Moncada barracks 

By: Odalis Riquenes Cutiño


2017-07-31 | 14:16:18 EST
Cuartel MoncadaCuartel Moncada Photo: Ariadna MarquezZoom

July 31, 2017

SANTIAGO DE CUBA.—From the historic walls of the former Moncada barracks, the new generations of Santiago, representing the whole island, condemned the claims of the US Empire to destroy the sovereignty of the Cuban people.

We condemn US imperialism for 58 years of aggression, terrorism, subversion, media war and genocidal blockade; for trying to misrepresent and disrespect our history, said President of a court composed of new law professionals Fidel González after hearing the testimony of eight witnesses.

One day Manolo Pascual Salcedo left his house, near the small square of Santo Tomás, to sit in the central park and disappeared. The family livedtwo hours of terror until with the support of a friend they managed to rescue him, said his sister Miriam Pascual Salcedo.

For the suffering of so many families, for so many murdered, tortured, mutilated people, many others rose up in arms against that regime and also shed their blood, Frank País´friends combatants Juan Payerol and Luis Felipe Rosell testified.

Founder of the CPA Abel Santamaría Juan Francisco Pérez, the legendary Paquito, recalled how his about eight year-oldsisterwho died from a bacterial infection due to lack of medical assistance.

At the end of the legal act, in which the people of Santiago were accompanied by UJCfirst secretarySusely Morfa González, among other leaders of the territory, in an anti-imperialist camp set up in the polygon of the former military fortress, the 15 delegates and two guests to the World Youth and Students Festival in Sochi, Russia were presented.

This was the climax of the intense days of the summer camp and Provincial Festival of Youth and Students in this part of the country, whose participants paid tribute to José Martí and Fidel in the Santa Ifigeniacemetery, took part in the symbolic attack on the Moncada barracks and evoked Frank País 60 years after his assasination.

The need to accompany with preparation the allegiance of the new generations to the Revolution was the main message emerging from the meeting of 150 delegates and guests to the Festival with the Director of Institutional Communication of the Ministry of Communications, Raúl Capote, broadcast live onthe social media.

At the meeting, the First Secretary of the UJCNational Committee stressed that this generation has to defend this social project and build the prosperous and sustainable socialism we want, not forgetting the blood and example of all who have brought us up to this point.

As a colossal climax of this youth gathering, the participants in the Festival will lead this July 30th the pilgrimage with which the people of Santiago will remember Frank País and Raúl Pujols, on the 60th anniversary of his assassination, and will take part in the activities of homage and remembrance to take place this Day of Martyrs.

Translated by ESTI

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