Pinar is Ready for July 26th Celebrations

The Cuban Women Federation will be at the forefront of a mass mobilization to have the city clean and embellished

By: Dorelys Canivell Canal


2017-07-24 | 15:42:33 EST
Cuban and 26 of July flags decorate all the sites of the city.Cuban and 26 of July flags decorate all the sites of the city. Photo: Juventud RebeldeZoom

PINAR DEL RÍO.— Swarming with people at daybreak is the city on these days. Time does not seem enough for the citizens. Although everything is ready for the central act on the 64th anniversary of Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Barracks attacks, the organizers are focusing on ensuring the details to make this day unforgettable.

Vice-president of the Provincial Administration Council Jesús Valdés Miranda said that the transportation from the municipalities and the People’s Councils away from the provincial capital is guaranteed for the early hours of next Wednesday. Around 4199 people are estimated to be transported in 126 buses.

The city itself will reinforce the movement of people before 5: 00 am. The medical staff to work during the act was also defined.

There will be 10 000 participants accredited to the central act, and the call for the rest of the people to join the celebration was made.

Meanwhile, this weekend Cuban Women Federation led a mass mobilization to have the city clean and embellished.

Commemorative acts for the date have been staged in the rest of the municipalities and people’s councils of every locality.

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