Evo in Cuba

Bolivia’s President arrived from Managua  

By: Marina Menéndez Quintero

Email: marina@juventudrebelde.cu

2017-07-20 | 15:46:33 EST
Bolivia’s President Evo Morales arrived in Havana on Wednesday eveningfrom Managua, where he advocated the Latin American unity against the interventionism of the US and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in the region, while addressing the central act for the 38th anniversary of the triumph of the Sandinista Revolution, as a coda of the 23rd Sao Paulo Forum.
Deputy Minister of Foreign AffairsRogelio Sierra and other members of that ministry received him at the José Martí international airport. Evo was accompanied by Bolivia’s Foreign MinisterFernando Huanacuni.
According to the Bolivian Chancellery in Cuba, at the end of his stay here Morales will fly to Mendoza, Argentina to take part in the 50th Mercosur Council Meeting and the Summit of Presidents and States Associated to that body, of which his country is an associate in the process of becoming a full member.
As always Evo showed his unwavering support for Cuba and the Bolivarian Revolution in Managua. In a press conference, the leader of theMovimiento al Socialismo(MAS), stressed that “Cuba and Venezuela are not alone”, in his condemnation to the interventionist policy of the US Government in Latin America.
With regard to Venezuela, he rejected the threats of US President Donald Trump against that country and the possibilities of new sanctions, while expressing his support for the Venezuelan people, that people who fights for sovereignty and resist the imperialist onslaught.
His stay in Cuba is taking place, just ten days before the Constituent Assembly elections called by President Nicolás Maduro, a process in which the bolivarian forces are engaged in front of the violence unleashed by the most reactionary and fascist sectors of that country’s rightwing, and the imperialist harassment.

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