Cuban Childrens Utilitarian Products to Hit the Market

Famous characters of Cuban cartoons will make part of the children’s products to hit the market soon      

By: Yuniel Labacena Romero


2017-07-11 | 10:04:49 EST
Cuban characters.Cuban characters. Photo: Juventud RebeldeZoom

Elpidio Valdés, Fernanda, Captain Plin, Meñique, the pussycat Mini and many other famous characters from our country will be part of the children’s products to hit the market soon.

The long expected purpose – geared to preserve our identity – is the result of a cooperation project between the hard currency collecting stores (TRD), the Animation Studios of the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry (ICAIC) and the Chinese Guangdong company.

TRD purchasing deputy director Karyna Fernández Ferrer broke the good news to Juventud Rebelde. She added that Cuban designs will be on shorts, undershirts, sandals, t-shirts, jars, satchels, lunchboxes, notebooks, pens, decorative lamps...for children and adolescents.

They are utilitarian objects in great demand today which are produced by the clothing industry including shoes and school supplies.

The executive said that the first of these stores will open in Havana and, it is being outfitted while the products from China are selected. She praised the value of the proposal in a country like ours which has always been true to its identity, promoting the best values.

Director of the ICAIC Animation Studios Esther Hirzel Galarza told this newspaper that the sale of products with Cuban label has been one of the most sensitive topics for the population, and this is a longed-for dream that begins to come true, especially for the entity she runs. All the institutions involved have worked for a year and everything goes as we anticipated, she said.

She emphasized that, in addition to the cartoons announced, the characters of the series Equipo 009 and Fábula –both produced by the Animation Studios for children, and released by the Cuban Television-, will be reflected in the articles.

In all cases, she said, we designed the images according to the products to be offered and we have reviewed their quality, in terms of design, colors and size.

Hirzel Galarza said that with Guangdong - a company dedicated to toy manufacturing, with a very professional work and one of the main suppliers of products to our country for years – we started to advance on the occasion of the Meñique premiere and the 45th birthday of Elpidio Valdés, when thanks to the creativity of the Cuban Cultural Foundation and to the support of the Ministry of Culture, merchandising (application of images in utilitarian products) was made, that were sold to the population.

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