Fidel, Visionary of a Sustainable Future

The opening day of the 11th International Convention on Environment and Development remembered the environmentalist thinking of the Cuban Revolution leader

By: Mayte María Jiménez


2017-07-05 | 19:56:10 EST

A special colloquium that recalled, from testimonies and audiovisual memory, the environmentalist thinking of the Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro, and his paradigmatic reflections on the problems the whole planet is living today, marked the opening day of the 11th. International Convention on Environment and Development to be held in Havana until July 7.

Minister of Science, Technology and Environment Elba Rosa Pérez Montoya emphasized the repercussion of the Commander-in-Chief's as a visionary of the terrible effects that an irresponsible attitude of man toward natural resources can have on the species life itself.

She warned that the adverse conditions of drought and erosion of soils cause the loss of 12 million hectares at present and how the existence of tropical forests has been reduced from seven to 15 percent.

The head of the sector explained that as a State policy the training of human resources for economic and social development is given priority in Cuba; for a sustainable development of society, and highlighted the momentum of Tarea Vida as shown by the political will of the nation in the confrontation and mitigation of the  effects of climate change.

In the presence of more than 600 delegates from 31 countries, Maritza García García, chair of the Organizing Committee of the event highlighted that in spite of the embargo imposed on Cuba by the United States Government, the Island has maintained as a principle the sustainability for economic and social development.

The opening day was attended by the Commander of the Revolution Guillermo García Frías, advisor to the Cuban President José Ramón Fernández, and Vice-President of the Council of Ministers Ulises Rosales del Toro, alongside other personalities of the Government and sciences in Cuba.

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