The Strength of Brothers Who Come Together

The Chinese Communist Youth League and the China Youth Federation received the 55th Anniversary Commemorative Medal of the UJC

By: Yuniel Labacena Romero


2017-06-27 | 16:38:43 EST

Infinite is the strength of the brothers when they are together. This is how an old Chinese proverb came to fruition in Havana this Monday when youth delegations of Cuba and China held a meeting in which the historic ties between the peoples of both nations were ratified in their struggle for the new generations to continue to conquer opportunities for social participation.

First Secretary of the Young Communist League (UJC) National Committee Susely Morfa González thanked the friends for the support and loyalty they have displayed for Cuba and its Revolution. “We’ll continue to strengthen our ties of friendship, history and solidarity. Count on our organization and its leadership for a better development of our relationship and greater benefits for both peoples”, she said.

During the meeting, the youth leader provided visitors with detailed information on the tasks carried out by the Cuban youth movement after its 10th. Congress and how they are involved in the island's economic model updating. He also explained the current challenges of the organization in the political-ideological work and for being a continuation of the homeland and the work of Fidel.

The executive secretary of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Youth League He Junke, on behalf of his delegation, expressed their readiness to continue to work so that the young people from both nations learn and help each other. "You have a high sensitivity for working with the new generations and your experience will be useful for us to continue to grow and to offer the newest services useful for its development," he said.

As a culmination of the meeting, the Chinese Communist Youth League and the Youth Federation of China were awarded the 55th Anniversary Commemorative Medal of the UJC; While the Asian delegation symbolically handed over the production of 12,000 national schools, the UJC and student organizations to its Cuban counterpart, as an endearing gesture, fruit of that collaboration and friendship they cultivate every day.

Translated by ESTI   

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