Unity is Our Indestructible Weapon

Declaration by Cuban Farmers

By: Juventud Rebelde

Email: digital@juventudrebelde.cu

2017-06-23 | 21:33:36 EST

The National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP), on behalf of Cuban farmers and their family members strongly support the declaration of our Revolutionary Government in response to the rethorical, manipulating and out of context speech delivered by United States’ President Donald Trump last June 16, which dates back to the Cold War era, as its interventionist content expressed.

In this show he was accompanied by the most recalcitrant Cuban-American counterrevolution, renowned Miami mafia terrorists, thieves, politicians, ignorant and reactionary who neither represent the majority of Americans, nor the Cuban community in that country.

The measures contemplated in the directive called Presidential Memorandum of National Security on the hardening of the United States policy towards Cuba, constitute a setback in the discreet advances made by the Obama administration that harm both the American people and ours.

As stated by the Cuban Government’s Declaration, the announcement made by President Trump contradicts the majority support of the US public opinion, including that of Cuban immigrants in that country, the total lifting of the blockade and the normal relations between Cuba and the US.

It is necessary to remind President Trump and the Miami audience that the Cuban farmers began to be free on January 1st, 1959 and will never return to the past.

The Cuban Revolution means for the family in the countryside the development of an Agrarian Program that dignified our fields, granted ownership of land to its true owners, applied the advances of science and technology to agriculture, granted credits to finance production, stable market for products, materialized the right to education, health, sports, culture and, most importantly: it gave us independence and dignity, which can only be offered by a free and sovereign country like ours.

Every maneuvre and aggression from the empire is destined to fail, our response is to contribute more to economic, political and social development in all circumstances and conditions. We’ll continue to contribute with infinite loyalty to the success of the Cuban economic model updating process, the fight against the blockade, promoting rationalization, efficiency and preservation of the environment.

Mr. Trump: in Cuba there will never be a return to the past, we will never give up, history has shown that in the worst situations we have overcome all obstacles and we have achieved victory! We have the unity as an indestructible weapon, the legacy of our heroes and martyrs of the Motherland, the thoughts and ideas of Martí and Fidel, with the firm decision to continue defending the Revolution forever.

The Cuban farmers ratify their will to face with optimism and confidence the present and the future of the country in alliance with the working class, maintaining achievements and sovereignty.

Each ANAP grassroots organization in cooperatives constitutes a strong bulwark in defense of a free, sovereign, anti-imperialist and helpful Cuba. Under the leadership of Raul and our only Party, we reaffirm with Fidel: We will start the march improving what we have to improve, with meridian loyalty and united force, like Martí, Maceo and Gómez, in an unstoppable march.

ANAP National Bureau

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