Cuban Medical Brigade Returns from Peru

After two months of health care provided in Peru, the Henry Reeve brigade is back in Cuba

By: Ana María Domínguez Cruz


2017-06-16 | 12:36:09 EST
The medical brigade of our country, made up of 23 professionals, takes care of a brotherly people with care.The medical brigade of our country, made up of 23 professionals, takes care of a brotherly people with care. Photo: Roberto SuárezZoom

June 16, 2017

We are proud of their work, because the best achievements of this medical mission was to sneak into the heart of the Peruvian people, a brotherly people who received the affection and the necessary help of our army of white coats when it was most needed.

This was stated by Health Deputy Minister Marcia Cobas Ruiz, when receiving the Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade which for two months and a half provided health care to the flood victims and those infected by dengue epidemic in Piura, Peru.

On behalf of the Public Health Minister, Cobas Ruíz acknowledged the heroic work of the 23 health professionals, who were highly praised in Peruvian soil. “After the rest they need, they´ll get ready for work, because we want them here too”, she said.

With the presence of other officials of the Public Health Ministry and the board of directors of the Central Unit of Medical Cooperation, brigade leader, doctor Rolando Piloto Tomé said that after their organized intervention, the hygienic epidemiologic situation of the affected areas improved notably.

Piloto Tomé stressed that the medical brigade treated 24 349 patients and 987 dengue patients with symptoms of alarm. “Bactivec was applied in 120 water mirrors and enough chlorine to sanitize 80 millions liters of water. Also 3,123 homes were visited to carry out the focal treatment, 4,215 deposits were inspected and our seven healthcare brigades offered 4 000 consultations in the affected areas.”

Health professionals –specialists in Comprehensive General Medicine and Hygiene and Epidemiology, as well as some Nursing graduates - also offered counseling and training for the development of vector control.

The priceless medical care of this brigade in Peru was acknowledged by the Congress of that country, in which congressmen of all political factions were involved.

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