Constitutional and Legal Order: Cuba Map and Compass

The eighth Congress of the National Union of Cuba’s Jurists was dedicated to Commander in Chief Fidel Castro

By: Susana Gómes Bugallo


2017-06-08 | 15:34:36 EST

Law must guarantee Cuba's socialist, sovereign, independent, democratic, prosperous and sustainable vision of its model. The constitutional and legal order must be a map and a compass in decision making.

These ideas prevailed at the opening conference of the 8th Congress of the National Union of Cuba’s Jurists (UNJC), organization which is celebrating its 40th anniversary and is dedicating this event to Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, major jurist.

The arguments stated by Dr. Johana Odriozola Guitart on the role of the jurist in the Cuban economic model update emphasized how legal professionals should be integrated into the design of policies from their organization.

We need to put an end to the excessive provisions that hinder the exercise of the law, as well as its understanding by the citizens. Lawyers must be the driving force behind the necessary legislative changes due to obsolescence and absences, while changes in methods of imparting justice must lead to new norms. Law is the science of justice, of good over evil. It is not only what is written, but reality, Dr. Odriozola Guitart said.

The alert on the Cuban legal system’s challenges and the support for institutional strengthening are part of the role that jurists must play in the current context, said UNJC President, José Alexis Ginarte Gato, at the opening of the event.

Second Secretary of the Party’s Central Committee and Vice-President of the Councils of State and Ministers José Ramón Machado Ventura presided over the act in which Doctor Eusebio Leal was conferred the recognition of the Replica of Martí’s Mallet, symbol of justice in the world.

Also attending were member of the politburo and secretary of the Cuban Women Federation Teresa Amarelle Boué, vice-president of the Cuban Parliament Ana María Mari Machado, secretary of the Council of State Homer Acosta, Minister of Justice María Esther Reus, and other legal authorities.

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