Nothing Justifies a Crusade Without Valid Arguments

The Cuban Olympic Committee issued a declaration against the proposal about the non-recognition of world records set before 2005

By: Juventud Rebelde


2017-05-17 | 16:03:12 EST

“We have stayed abreast of the proposal promoted by the European Athletics Federation which would invalidate the world records set before 2005, due to changes introduced in the anti-doping regulations

“The Cuban Olympic Committee considers that any step of this type should be backed by scientific arguments, since only the rigorous proof of the infringement will validate the fairness of a such a decision.”

The text considers as sinister to rewrite the records based on suspicions, “given the fact that its actors are not responsible for the short time the samples were preserved so as to be reexamined now, in the light of new technical parameters.”

It goes on saying that “nothing will justify a crusade without arguments validated from the dictamination of the laboratory tests”, although the intention is “to eliminate the cloud of suspicions prompted by the magnitude of some registers, and the shameful episodes experienced by this sport.”

The declaration fixes the position of principles held by Cuba in this regard, “which amid economic limitations decided to set up a doping control laboratory included in the 29 accredited worldwide, has the right to demand a vision of the matter that does not condemn without evidence, as if all the involved were considered as criminals.

We are doing this with the moral support of the state and sport seriousness declaring all-out war against this scourge, expressed in the high costs and other efforts made to acquire resources and technology despite the obstacles dictated by the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the US governments for more than half a century.

And among the athletes that have dignified the Cuban sports, the text mentions javelin thrower María Caridad Colón, first Latin American woman Olympic champion in Moscow 1980, and Javier Sotomayor who beat the 2.40 m in high jump more than 20 times, holding the world records: 2.43 m indoor in 1988 and 2.45 m outdoor in 1993.

“We made public our position with the mixture of modesty and pride that were bequeathed to us by other greats like the also javelin thrower Osleidys Menéndez, with two world records (71.54 m in 2001 and 71.74 m in 2005) or three times Olympic champions like boxers Teófilo Stevenson and Félix Savón, Greco Roman style wrestler Mijaín López and some star women volleyball players”, the declaration adds.

"We are, as it is known, champions of a clean ethical, inclusive sport,, forged as a people’s right and attached to principles and solidarity, values that lead us not to endorse the proposal in question  as a violation of our traditional respect for the dignity of men and women who could never be linked to bad practices.

"We welcome the steps that can be made with the support of scientific advances now available, as well as the multiplication of prophylactic actions that will never be enough amid factors such as excessive marketing, theft of talent, nationalizations for convenience and other evils that encourage the premise of winning at all costs and demand a heavy hand.

"As we all know, this is a very complex issue, but we insist that no one is in position to ensure that the records that are called to disappear from the official books carry the doping mud."

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