Fidel is Right Again

No Cuban boatman was intercepted on the high seas in April and what goes into this month of May, that’s one of the news resulting from the late but reasonable decision of President Barack Obama that in January 2017 eliminated the privileges or " advantages' under the 'dry feet-wet feet' policy

By: Juana Carrasco


2017-05-17 | 15:55:49 EST

The news changes in title and content. "A month and a half without Cuban boatmen in Florida," the US Coast Guard report said: Zero Cuban boatman intercepted on high seas in April and so far this May.

This result must be attributed to the late-but reasonable-decision of Obama’s administration, which in January 2017 eliminated the migratory privileges or "benefits" granted under the policy of "dry feet-wet feet." That element added to the Cuban Adjustment Act in 1995, encouraged the dangerous crossing of the Florida Straits, whether on fragile makeshift boats or on the unscrupulous and not infrequently fatal excursions organized by gangs of human traffickers, intertwining illegality, irresponsibility and lucrative business by Miami-based mafia groups.

Of course, lifting the policy that allowed those Cubans to obtain the residence as soon as they landed, closed the doors to the irregularity and also to the death in the sea.

Fidel repeatedly denounced this phenomenon as "a murderous law", "a terrorist law", and described it as terrorism of the worst kind "that kills consciously and without the slightest remorse" even innocent children, as it was the case exposed on November 27, 2001 in a speech in the Anti-imperialist Grandstand.

"For many years we have warned the governments of the United States that the Cuban Adjustment Act, in force since November 2, 1966, and the stimulus to illegal exits, are causing enormous risks and high losses of human life," said the Commander-in-Chief, when the death of a group, including 13 children, sank homes into mourning and hurt a whole country.

Numerous were the similar tragedies, a consequence of the politicization of the migratory phenomenon by the United States, in relation to Cuba, when it also granted visas to people selected, mainly by their professional level, in an infamous brain drain, that went on to establish another policy also suppressed by Obama, the Parole for Doctors.

The Coast Guard's zero boatman report now confirms the certainty of the permanent denunciation against the infamous policy, which unpunished played with human lives in dangerous voyages or in repugnant human traffic as part of the aggression and the hostility against Cuba committed by successive US administrations.

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