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A new service, based on the non-agricultural cooperative management, began this Monday to cope with the insufficient transportation

By: Yuniel Labacena Romero


2017-05-17 | 14:44:01 EST

Based on the non-agricultural cooperative management a new service began to cope with the insufficient transportation this Monday. Various collective taxis cover the route from 272 street in Lisa municipality to Parque de la Fraternidad, with a trajectory similar to the route P-14.

The line has three sections: La Lisa-Marianao, Marianao-Avenida 26, Avenida 26-Parque de la Fraternidad. Every stretch costs 5 CUP. The news is not widely known by the public – as Juventud Rebelde observed- many travelers are not clear about this service.

“There is too little information about the measure. I heard about it because I have seen several taxis of this type in the capital and you know how Cubans are: We ask just about everything. I approached the driver and I knew, "said Maria Diaz.

At her side, Dairon Garcia considered the decision very positive. "I hope that it stays stable, that it is not a passing thing and that more cars arrive, because there is a lot of travelers moving every day in Havana."

As interviews take place these taxis move around the Parque de la Fraternidad, since there is no a fixed stop where they can be taken.

Some cars are full while they circulate near the park, where they finish their trips coming from La Lisa, others stop in front of the Computing Central Palace or go across the avenue and stop at the P-14 bus stop. And still others pass beyond that point and pick up passengers.

"Journalist, the offer is great. I've seen several taxis one after another. It seems there are many, although the queues do not end, no matter if a taxi or the bus arrives, " Dario Hernandez said.

Very close to him is Ricardo Blanco, his destination is the Shopping Center Puentes Grandes, on Avenida 26, and praises the opportunity this service offers. "I only have to pay five pesos. That's great, the boteros do not want to charge like that. "

Lilia Figueroa, who in the morning took one of these buses to Cerro and Boyeros to get to work in Old Havana, is very pleased with their comfort, some even with air conditioning; But she warned: "Some minutes ago there was one ,I asked the driver about the price, and he told me that as far as Frank País hospital it cost 20 pesos. I did not get on. You have to hold control over this, "she said.

Some drivers are debuting at the non-agricultural cooperative Taxis Ruteros 2. Among them is Carlos Céspedes, who said that his car has been full all day. "I entered the nine o'clock shift. People take it a lot by stretches, but it does work. We have six rides from six to 11 in the morning, at the rate of ten cars each. We must make seven trips. "

Giani Soto has been in the cooperative for four years and said that everything has gone well, have collected many travelers and people are happy with this new option. «I drive a micro (bus) of 12 places. In our case we assume five trips per shift. Our goal is to increase travels, grow in buses and make sustainable service, as this is reverted in our salary ", he said.

Some stickers on the taxi cabs warn the population about prices and routes. That allows not only to know but also to claim rights. This was said by President of Taxis Ruteros 2, Martín José Betancourt Companioni, one of the first non-agricultural cooperatives that emerged in the country when this new form of non-state management was approved.

Via phone and by nightfall, because he was on the street checking the experiment, Betancourt Companioni told this newspaper that everything seems to fit and will mean an improvement in the service. The results of transportation, collection and other details of the first day will be on Tuesday. "Yes, we are all confused with this new process and we bet that it will continue to grow."

As reported by the Cuban Television News this Monday at noon, and this newspaper ratified the President of the Cooperative, have arranged five buses and 60 taxis, brand Lada and Hyundai from the balance of equipment belonging to the Ministry of Transportation . The service is between 6:00 am and 8:00 pm.

Other variants are currently under consideration to facilitate the reorganization of transport in the capital, including the proposal to apply this system in Diez de Octubre municipality, due to the amount of population residing in that territory.

What began this Monday is aimed at regulating the cost in taxis within the capital and is in line with the measures approved in recent months by the Provincial Administration Council to protect users. If you have any complaints or suggestions, do not hesitate to call 18820.

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