Olives to Face Warmongering

Pacifist will come together again to demand the closure of those military facilities which amount to 1.100 across the world

By: Marylín Luis Grillo

Email: digital@juventudrebelde.cu

2017-04-26 | 13:05:34 EST
Guantanamo Naval BaseGuantanamo Naval Base Photo: ReutersZoom

April 26, 2017

Very close to the illegal naval base of the United States in Guantánamo Bay, pacifist activists from all over the world will come together again to demand the closure of those military facilities which have spread across the globe reaching the figure of 1.100.

From May 4 to 6 the easternmost Cuban province will host the 5th International Seminar for Peace and the Abolition of Foreign Military Bases, and for the first time Guantánamo´s Medical Sciences University will become a tribune for lectures, chats and exchanges, said President of the Cuban Movement for Peace and Sovereignty of the Peoples (MovPaz) Silvio Platero Irola in a press conference.

Over 200 participants from 25 countries of the five continents have confirmed their attendance. Among them the largest delegations are from the United States and Canada with 60 and 35 members respectively.

There are two main reasons for the celebration of this seminar in Guantánamo: The world´s oldest military base is in Cuba, and the only which remains open in a country whose Government and people are contrary to its existence.

Today, the number of bases has increased in the world, particularly the United States has 852 military facilities spread in the five continents. Only Latin America has 76 of these.

This is the only global meeting dedicated to this topic of the naval bases, above other topics connected to peace; that´s why its celebration is important, said the President of the Cuban Movement for Peace.

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