Technological Reestructuring of a Chlorine Plant

The investment adds up to almost one hundred million pesos   

By: Nelson García Santos


2017-04-13 | 17:25:56 EST
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SAGUA LA GRANDE, Villa Clara.—The Technological reestructuring of the Soda Chlorine Plant, unique in the country, is in its final stage.

The strict quality control of the process has stood out in every check to assess the compliance with the construction program, and especially how it is unfolding according to the established norms.

The assembly of 1 253 metal structures will be necessary, as well as the use of 11 000 cubic meters of concrete and the installation of 20 000 meters of pipes and 317 equipment of various sizes, 4 678 linear meters in the placement of trays and an electric substation.

The investment adds up to almost one hundred million pesos, said director general Sergio Díaz Arredondo.

The plant will use cutting-edge technology, which will substitute the current manufacture through metallic mercury for another much more efficient, based on an electrolytic process through membranes of ion exchange.

As a result, it will have capacity for producing 36 tons of chlorine and 80 tons of soda every day; they will produce, sodium hypochlorite, liquid chlorine, hydrochloric acid and hydrogen destined for special welding.

This means a guarantee of a greater offer of these much needed products for the purification of water, sanitation of equipment belonging to the food industry, drilling and extraction of petroleum, special welding, the manufacture of soaps, detergents and disinfectants.

The moment of truth

Over 200 builders from Villa Clara and other provinces are involved in the works. The trial before the star-up is scheduled for late April and will continue in the next months.

The implementation, with 36 objects, is at 76%; three of them are finished, 27 advance according to the chronogram and six are delayed, but still with chances of being complete on schedule.

One infrastructure nearing completion is that destined for the treatment in brine, the cubicle room and the buiding of transformers, the electric substation and the control room, and that of caustic soda, and the chlorine warehouse.

The manager of the project Roberto Moya Ruiz stated that the plant will be completed in a relatively short time. Which has entiled a great effort. It is expected to begin operations next July.

The construction of rain water collectors was conceived in the project for the manufacturing process, alongside the installation of photovoltaic panels.

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