Encouraging Signs in the Preservation of Park Humbolt

Successful has been the preservation of the areas of the Alejandro de Humboldt National Park by Baracoa maintenance department

By: Richard López Castellanos

Email: digital@juventudrebelde.cu

2017-03-28 | 17:00:59 EST

BARACOA, Guantánamo.- The preservation of the areas by the Baracoa maintance department from the Alejandro de Humboldt National Park has been successful about five months after the passing of hurricane Matthew through the first village of Cuba, as reported by specialists of Cuba’s main protected area following an inventory on the flora and fauna species affected by the phenomenon.

Director of the center Giovanni Rodríguez Cobas said that the return of the groups of birds, which flew off in all directions with the hurricane, is a favorable sign of conservation. Today a population of some types of polymite can be seen.

Rodríguez Cobas referred to the current and future reforestation projects with timber trees, the sowing of fruit trees aimed at nourrishing wildlife species, the preservation of seeds, family agriculture and the management of exotic species. About the family agriculture he said that tools are delivered in one hundred homes in areas of the park, a kit composed of power saw, wagon, machete, hoe, growing shed and irrigation system with the support of the Fund for the Peoples’ Development, from Italy alongside Canada’s Fund of Local Initiative.

Also ONG Oro Verde is developing an important financing project to face the effects of Matthew, to restore the Toa River basin and reduce the damage associated to the mining prospects which were made last century in the Piloto area, at Toldo, the highest peak of the park.      

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