Young People Debate to Boost Economics

More than 10,000 young people from all provinces have been participating in debates, and they have been exchanged with managers of entities and organizations at all levels

By: Yuniel Labacena Romero


2017-03-03 | 18:03:01 EST
For the first time this year, the youth will carry out debates on Tourism, a sector that has great potential to counter more pressing challenges like the socioeconomic growth, comprehensive development and conservation of the environment in Cuba. The tourist sector also has a large group of young people, who must contribute their impetus, effort and creativity in that purpose.

The good news was given to Juventud Rebelde by Politburo member of the National Bureau of the Young Communist League (UJC) Julio Heriberto Gómez Casanova, who added that this initiative is another space open to the exchange and it fulfils the agreement of the 10th Congress of this organization to promote and develop meetings in sectors and activities having a strong youth presence, which are prioritized by the country.

He pointed out that the debates carried out, for example with the Azcuba Sugar Group, the Ministry of Agriculture, the General Customs Office of the Republic, the peasantry and the youth of the non-state sector, have been important not only to know their concerns; but also to strengthen the youth organization, which has the duty to attend, accompany and represent new generations, whether they will be members of the organization or not.

Gómez Casanova noted that more than 10 000 young people from all provinces have been participated in the debates, and they have been exchanged with managers of entities and organizations at all levels, which, rather than writing down the concerns and proposals of the participants, have processed their solutions so that they do not get unresolved.

The youth leader said that youth debate will return, starting next Tuesday when the young farmers begin to make an assessment of the work developed in 2016, based on the analysis of the approaches and agreements of the previous meeting. In addition, meetings of young people from the non-state sector will be held this month.

Finally, he emphasized that this year's events are aimed at bringing the youth closer to the base, to the place where the youth is been training to perform the work. These debates will again be accompanied by fairs of national identity, sports, cultural and recreational activities, projects like Cuba en mi mochila (Cuba in my Backpack,) and especially the exchange in the community where the working center is located.

Translated by ESTI

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